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The potential of a well-maintained subscriber list is essential for Visitors awareness of ‘The Well Being Shows’. Although it needs to be harvested with care: too few mail outs and there is little effect, too many and the post does not get opened.

We have always taken great care with our mail outs. The original list was 14000+ long. It needed to be verified, and this is an expensive and necessary cost. After verification, the index slipped down to 5000. We were surprised we’d lost 9000 email contacts. For those of you who are interested in why this occurs: it is due to something called ‘legacy’, the old emails become stagnate or unused. Imagine a funnel full of marbles; we can continue to add to the top of the funnel, although the exit is blocked by the early additions.

It is of no use having a fifteen thousand list if only one third is thriving. Hence the requirement to ‘verify’ the list. And a small and active list has more potential than one which is out of date.

Therefore we focus on growing the list. As the numbers increase, we learn lessons from the analysis of the information. The addition of near 3000 new and fresh leads is a testament to the interest in the LizianEvents ‘Well Being Show’ format. Initially, the growth was slow, perhaps one or two per week and now we have additions every day. The shows are another source of connections; the numbers are growing.

A preference to show evidence of our claims is part of establishing confidence in our endeavours. It will be interesting to see when the list achieves the ten thousand mark. December of this year is an achievable target. This is why we choose email rather than postal mail outs. Another is cost: last year we spent two thousand pounds on postal promotion and only twenty – six people came through the door with the offer tickets. Therefore, this method of promotion has come to an end. 

LizianEvents are under no illusion The Community is the Show. Our gratitude to those who make time and financial commitments to the success is never far from decisions we make. I know there will be some who’ll question the choice to make promotion 60% internet based. However, we also chose to step up the one to one promotions of the shows. Liz, Jon Sharpe and I will travel twice a week to the surrounding areas of the shows to promote the dates and awareness of The Well Being Events.

The Community accepts their responsibility and commitment to sharing and promoting the shows. It is not a case of clicking the share button once and thinking the deal is fulfilled. Those who chose to become a part of The Community know a continuous stream of likes and shares is part of the contract. In truth, this sharing commitment takes some of the pressure away when an ‘exhibitor’ says ‘I cannot make money at your show’. The evidence the fact they are separated from The Community and the ethos behind our objective. 

A plan was drawn, the objectives and purpose of our ‘Well Being Shows’ is established. Arrive with money in mind and the whole experience is judged on material gain. Arrive at LizianEvents News ‘LEN’ today, and the show has already begun. Use the platform to your advantage, and within time fireworks light the sky and Visitors are captivated by the display. 

See You Soon


  1. I have no doubt that electronic communication with people who have an established interest in the Community is the way forwards. I also think that sharing the Twitter account names of community members, and encouraging them to Tweet about the shows, could have a big impact in broadening the Community’s reach.

    • Totally agree – The problem is FINDING the information. We ask 1) for community members to share and connect 2) to provide information for profiles 3) contribute to LEN 4) use the ads 5) use the listings. Many do not do so. The contribution has to be reciprocal. It is an agreement in our terms and conditions to do this and the reason for our sensible stand costs. If we do not have the information we cannot expand the coverage. It is a simple task to search on Twitter or click on the Twitter link at right-hand toolbar of this page and share our posts. And we will connect and work with the information. The commitment to the agreement HAS to be understood and followed…

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