Sunday Morning

Short Post – After a busy day: I reflect on the events of the last hours. The preference is not to write ‘great day’ or ‘brilliant’. These are weak words: unable to capture the essence of today’s show. Sometimes there are situations which cannot be defined: You know the ‘vibes’ are more than good, everything is flowing, nothing is a problem. As if words are superficial, everyone’s connected: This is the way I feel about today.

The Community pulled out all the stops, and the Parish Hall sang! While serving drinks and food, I listened to Visitors praise The Community and talks. Any complaints? Not a one. Some hectic and busy moments, there always will be in a small kitchen with two people cooking serving and cleaning. Still, that’s the way of the show: it’s connected and fulfilling its objective of bringing like-minded people together.

I’m always a pleasure to meet new people and returning friends. One lady came from London! Two from Birmingham and others from Doncaster. Nottingham and Derby Visitors were aplenty. Nice to see them talking in the dining area.

We know the talk room is too small. Nothing to be done about this until the refurbishment in 2019/20. Still, that’s the way of the building and the show. No, not a compromise, it is an acceptance of making the best of what is available.

Was the day a success? Yes 101%

Two Community Members who could not attend today. Sometimes, life and its hurdles are impossible to anticipate. We wish them all the best: see you at Lincoln.

Special memories for Steve the Trowell Parish Hall Caretaker who died earlier in the month: a kind man: big smile: we dedicate the show to you, Steve.

Let’s see what today brings:

Full report tomorrow


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