Magic Shoes by Heather Pedley

It is always a good feeling when I receive a submission. And when Heather Pedley has tapped the keys we know it will be an interesting and unique article. Today’s article is no exception. Read the whole article and you’ll discover a different way of looking at desire and achieving one’s objectives. Heather call’s it: ‘Deep Wishing’ and I like the idea. Her Magic Shoes are sure to be a hit with customers at the shows. They remind me of one of my favourite stories – Aladdin and his mysteries, lamp and magic carpets – I see there is already great interest in Heather’s Magic Shoes. Maybe I need one on my desk?

MAGIC SHOES…for deep wishing

There’s a joke about me, thanks to close friends and family, that I have always lived with one foot in another world. I know there’s truth in that, and my reality is stranger than any fiction. Many years ago I started to travel a lot… not in the backpacking sense, but where I would visit other realms and dimensions outside our earthly plane, meet strange people, make friends, and ultimately bring about a lot of change for myself. Through my paintings and pictures, books, symbols and portraits (And some of you will have had the experience of a portrait) I’ve been able to bring a host of information through that’s been relevant to specific individuals from time to time. Some of this information has been general, applying to every human aspect including our planet. Some of it has been intensely personal and touching for those involved. Always it has been of relevance, needed at the time, asked for, prayed for and deeply wished for.

   Symbols are a way of connecting to energy and information and anchoring it in our physical world. Whether it’s a colour or a sign, a picture, word or a bunch of musical notes, they are reference points for the conscious and subconscious, and if those aspects of the self can’t grasp, then the higher self can. So long as there is a desire to do so.

    My celestial treasures… made up of old bits of charity shop jewellery are packed with symbolism.  My mushroom and toadstool houses are symbolic of fairy tale memories, childhood imaginations, the fun stuff from when we were kids. They connect you to the lighter side of life.

   And now I have brought you my MAGIC SHOES. So what are they, apart from the obvious… a clay left foot?

    I cannot tell you where they are from, because I think I would be ridiculed and nobody would believe me. But I might say to you one day because you might prove me wrong. I can tell you they are meant for deep wishing! This is not the power of prayer, which can be magnificent and something I highly respect. Wishing and the need to wish comes from a different place, it’s on a different frequency. Wishing comes from desire and a need to have, whether it’s a thing, or a job, or a need to get well, or to create something, it’s linked to the desire of success, the outcome, to gain reward or even ownership. It can be materialistic, but it isn’t always. Because after all why do we feel the need to have that object or thing if not to satisfy some other hidden aspect of the self?

    There is a crux in deep wishing…. it’s a matter of self-worth. Often people who are on the road to success will be afraid they might fail, so somehow the road becomes scuppered along the way. It’s lack of worth and confidence that does this, even by worthy confident impressionist. Worth and Confidence are frequencies, they are far more than emotions or feelings, they are states of being. If you are truly not in this state of being then you have to find something to anchor you and hold you in the frequency until your being shifts…. and symbols are a good anchor, so are some crystals, but a trinket or a piece of music can work just as well.

    Desire is a very powerful state. It can only exist temporarily if confidence and worth are low, so it’s best to work on all these things together, which is easier said than done I know.

    Desire is like the petrol you put in your car. It keeps everything moving, and it will take you forwards, despite a rocky road, and it cuts through fear because if you want something badly enough, then you’ll travel through hell and high water to get it. That is the power of desire. Even when lacking confidence and low self-worth trip you up, desire will keep you going regardless.


    Desire is deep wishing. Wishing is the conscious realisation of your passion, it’s a big ask, maybe you think you are asking yourself, or the universe, god, or your favourite angel… it doesn’t matter who you think you are asking because the power of desire is really about the power of you. Many people struggle to ask, they strive to whip up desire because they are afraid they won’t get what they ask for. It is self-doubt, low self-worth and lack of confidence that stop them. My answer to that is try and hang onto your desire… like filling up your car, it exists over and above your self-doubt. The power of desire is about you, but it is also external to you, it’s a frequency you can get if you know where to look.

   My magic shoes are created from this frequency. Some people might find them challenging or freaky; others will love them or find them quirky and interesting. But if they stimulate a sensation, or a feeling, whether you it to be positive or negative then you have a connection and it was worthwhile making them.

Heather Pedley



  1. Fantastic article!

    Heather and I have been talking alot about frequencies lately, especially “desire”

  2. Fun,Quirky… yet very profound and so true! Deep seated , focused desire creates indeed! We all have that power. This is also what my Higher Realms Communicators ask me to channel to remind humans! Great writing Heather Pedley​ xx Brigitte Rix

  3. Great article and I love meeting like minded people who don’t conform and who are quirky. It is great when people dare to be different and I for one 100% respect that. Reach for the stars ladies and gents you just never know, much love and bright blessings from Rick.

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