Carol Wallace’s- Crystal Healing Workshop

Today we being the run-up to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show with a review of ‘Crystal’ Carol Wallace’s aptly named “Crystal Healing Workshop” – I travelled up to her new shop in Aston – under – Lyne to interview her about the workshop and how the move to new premises was progressing. The video is short and very informative, when watching the video bear in mind, it was recorded in a bustling shop. Before introducing the workshop: Here is a transcript of part of our conversation about the new premises.

-‘Carol the new shop looks fantastic.’
-‘Yes, we are very pleased with the way it has turned out. Campbell worked non-stop to get the decoration finished, and it looks very much as we had planned.’
-‘I’m amazed at the number of customers coming through.’
-‘We have seen a change from the old shop, new customers and old seem to love the layout.’
-‘I’ve noticed the customers seem to stay for quite some time: this somehow seems different from past memory?’
-‘Yes, the customers can literally walk around the display area. With tumble stones to the right and specialist pieces to the left, the ‘flow’ just works. Not only that: the lighting is better than before. It bright and shows the crystals in the best way possible. So people look at them for longer.’
-‘And buy more?’
-‘I’ve never run the business as a ‘you have to buy today’ sentiment. My feeling is that allowing visitors to browse and perhaps take a few pictures with their phones, they will become customers – and they usually do so – some of our customers have been with us from the very beginning, and this is a long time ago!’
-‘There is; however, I’m careful not to fill the shelves with too many crystals. If a customer wishes to see other specimens we have plenty in the stock room and in storage. The choice here is extensive and varied. Don’t forget Ian, there is over two decades of experience of customers needs here: I know pretty well what is worth displaying and what is best taken to the shows.’
-‘Thanks, Carol: I would seriously recommend anyone with interest in crystals to come and spend a couple of hours in the shop’.
-‘Thanks, Ian.’

The Workshop

Carol is Europe’s longest-serving Melody trained crystal practitioner and trainer. This means you will access the best crystal training in The World. Carol is an exceptional teacher with years of teaching experience in her field. She has trained hundreds of attendees from basic to the full practitioner and trainer levels. 

During the long-term and extensive Melody Courses she is known for being a hard taskmaster. You will be pleased to know her short morning courses have a reputation for rock solid teaching blended with healthy laughter and fun! The course is very ‘hands-on’, and you’ll leave with a real understanding of the basics of crystal healing. So much so – You can try out your new healing skills on family and friends the very same day and for the rest of your life.

The course is a reasonable £30:00 per person: You will receive course notes and the tools used during the lessons. Not only this Carol is giving the attendee’s 10% off any purchases at her stall for the duration of the show. 

Watch the video for more information:


Carol Email
Carol Website
LizianEvents Workshop Page

This is certain to be a brilliant short workshop and worth every penny. If you like crystals and alternative healing ideas here is an excellent place to begin.


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