A year ago we entered the Lincolnshire Show Ground Epic Centre. Annie had made us custodians of a solid legacy of events. With less than six weeks to put together the show, there was no doubting this would be a tall order! During the June 2017 weekend, fifty Community Members pulled together for the first Lincoln Well Being Show.

Of course the original show had flaws, even so, many believed it a success. Liz and I accepted the errors, and the stage was set for the future of this show. Much pride is taken from the innovations made from the outset: Extensive use of video: audio media and LizianEvents News are three critical facets of promotion and awareness. The fact LizianEvents is recognised for innovation, integrity, endeavour and consistency is key to our achievements.

Today and tomorrow there will be ninety-five+ Community Members attending the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Over the two days, Visitors will enjoy a selection of 40 talks and workshops and a combination of ten Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi gong) demonstrations. There is enough for every visitor to enjoy a whole weekend of attendance. The Community is an incredible blend of genres; there will be something for everyone to enjoy and remember at this event.

We chose to split the venue into the two halls for two reasons. The first is to separate the two genres of ‘Well Being Spirit’ and ‘Well Being Body’ and secondly is to the keep food and refreshments area central and away from the exhibition halls. The format looks superb, and we’re confident Visitors and Community will like the way the layout is formatted.

The Show is The Community:

The idea of ‘Community’ is an advantage to succeed. It is accepted a few people do not ‘get it’, and this is fine, it is the way of life! We know that outside of The Community cynics feel it is a marketing ploy and others are critical of the concept – There is no interest in negative attitudes or deliberate undermining of the ethos of LizianEvents foundational ideas. In another year I feel many people will embellish the idea and see the great potentials in the services we offer. As for the cynics, they’ll dissolve as we nurture and evidence the plans ahead.

Visitors numbers are indeed growing:

The Community and shows are reaching a country-wide audience. It is a good feeling to see businesses and therapists from Manchester and London using the Classified and Promotional Listing on LEN. 

Over the last year, we’ve made many friends and parted company with a few, again that is the way of life and the progression of the shows. Visitors will meet many old and greet many new Community Members. The Lincolnshire Well Being Show will always be evolving: the venue is big enough to expand to any degree of the imagination. Join us and be part of the journey: we are Community driven, and Visitors are seen as part of The Community.

See You Over The Weekend 🙂

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  1. Only one year … and what a meteoric transformation , thanks to your hard work, dedication and professionalism Liz and Ian! You’ve helped the creation of our friendly, sharing Community and your ethos bonds our like -minded minds. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS! I am looking forward to the next yearS together! XXX Brigitte

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