It is late this will be a short review: The Epic Centre looked splendid this morning. The ninety-five Community Members have prepared the 117 tables with an amazing array of products, services and therapies. Four talk and training rooms are ready for the seminars.

The arch enemy chooses not to hamper Visitors: no repeat of The Nottingham Show setback of bright sun and azure blue sky. With luck, the weather will stay cloudy for the remainder of Sunday!

Today is the first time we’ve experienced a queue before opening. The steady stream of cars arriving boded good fortune. By eleven the show was making headway. Numbers are higher than any show we have so far organised. Although I’ll not provide with accurate figures until next week. Yes, Liz and I are very pleased with the Visitor numbers.

The Community excelled every visitor left with comments of praise and: 

“I’m returning to Newark in September and Lincolnshire in November”

Today’s and tomorrows task is collecting media. After ‘walking the floor’ for nine hours it is fair to write most of The Community have enjoyed their show: There are some who have had a poor day: Although we have to comment there is still another day work ahead of us. 

One thing for sure is, they, as the promoters of the event, should feel proud of what they have achieved today.

Tomorrow is another day: Today is a success and the weekend is the foundation for the year ahead.

See You Tomorrow

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