LizianEvents FaceBook Group is now public. After one month we have over seven-hundred members and three thousand or more is a first target. As administrators, we do check both people and posts before accepting new members or posts:  Hey! ho, that’s the way of social media.

Follow the link and have a look-see. I’ve added a few random screenshots which guide the reader to the content of the page. Those who work with connections to Well Being – Body and Well Being – Spirit should find this group beneficial for the promotion of their work.

Request to join, there is a 98% chance you’ll be accepted in the group – What of the other 2%? They will have questionable identities and as you will appreciate – we cannot take any chances with dubious connections.

If you have promotions which fit within the aspects of Well Being – Body and Well Being – Spirit it is worth joining this growing and influential group. It is well connected and members are a diverse and interesting selection of people from every avenue of life.


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