Why are people with new and varied ideas, projects, joining the community? 

The answer is simple: we are attracting open-minded people who see the opportunities in being part of an organisation which attracts new Visitors. During conversations with Visitors, I realise many seek more than a ‘reading’ or a therapy session. It is a progressive world and people are looking for alternative ways to discover happiness and wellness in their life. The Community fulfils this need.

For example, Terri Clayton is a pharmacist who has worked out the relationship between health and the nutrients in the soil. The ‘Rooted in Simplicity’ idea works for everyone and is worthy of further understanding and investigation. Another Community Member Noel Hogan has written ‘The Spiritual Sat Nav’ a bang up to date book about how to navigate life.

We already have a superb catalogue of Community Members who have attended the shows. No doubt Visitors will now have a memory of the products and services offered. For examples consider the skills and services of: 

Claire Hegarty connects with Emperor Trading Solutions Ltd. Sue Hickman and Christina Warr demonstrate the healing properties of Aloe Vera and how a Forever Living franchise can change one’s life. Isagenix (audio interview coming soon) have one of the most successful health and weight-loss products available. Vic Hayworth demonstrates Tropic Skin Care is a super safe cosmetics and skincare range. The list is growing, and every Visitor will discover world-class products at the shows. 

How about the fantastic contributions from Samatha Sutherland of Energy Freedom Techniques for a toxic-free home. Naomi Watkins with NW Counselling Hub. Austin and Sarah of The Sean Barkes Clinic. Here is another small collection of those who see the potential in the ‘Well Being – Body’ aspect of the events.

We must not ignore the amazing contributions of Grace Bowker and her Lincoln based Central Well Being Centre (Yoga) and Don and Carol Harradine (Tai Chi) who demonstrated their skills and knowledge during the show. Grace and Don are returning to the November shows. 

We are realists accepting there is ‘a way to go’ before a majority see the potential of our objective. The objective is to make the shows attractive to Visitors with a wide range of interests. From our internet analytics, we gain information about the amount of traffic to our site. I know the most visited pages on the .com and .org sites, and I know how long visitors stay on the pages. 

For example, It is interesting the Lincolnshire Well Being landing page received an average of 86 visits per day during the last ten days leading up to the show. As you know The Community encouraged 799 Visitors to the event, it is a fascinating statistic.

Of more importance: the analytics prove the page visits of ‘Well Being – Body’ is 42% and ‘Well Being – Spirit’ is 58% not bad figures for the first time out, with a new venture. The statistics guide me in ways of promoting the Well Being – Body aspect of the shows. And we know where to ‘push’ awareness with this website data. Changes in the Community Profiles will encourage greater awareness in search engines of The Community, objective and ethos.

It is an exciting time and one which will see constant and positive progress for LizianEvents: and The Community who make the shows a brilliant Visitor experience. You can be assured the plans for the future of the shows are centred on connecting Community to Visitors. To this end, readers of LEN will see the ‘news’ aspect of articles expand, and the editorials become less.

LizianEvents .com and .org are attracting new visitors every week. The followers are growing. The Community is becoming stronger and more influential as each week passes. Keep on sharing and putting your informative posts on Lizianevents Group and don’t forget to link LizianEvents .org and .com to your articles.

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  1. Any community requires constant replenishment to thrive. We have some brilliant new members who both challenge the status quo, and enrich the body as a whole.

    In a past blog reference was made to “survival of the fittest”. On one level I understand that, on another, I do not think that is what Lizian is about. What strikes me about Lizian is the extent to which people are prepared to help each other, the strong helping the weak, the experienced helping the less experienced. I have seen so many examples of this. Even the grandest lion needs nurturing in its infancy.

    Diversity is vital, there is an old aphorism asking whether someone has ten years experience, or one year’s experience ten times? Thus we all need to be challenging our mindsets all the time. When an aeroplane is serviced everything is re-examined to check that nothing will go wrong, before it does. Equally we need to be as rigorous in our own appraisal of our practices.

    As I walked around the Lincoln show what struck me was how much united all the stalls, not a division between the two parts. Our challenge is to grow the show, whilst retaining its identity. I think we are in good hands.

    • Brilliant observation and from my perspective I have no rivals and I want Lizian events and all stallholders exhibitors to succeed, more people uniting means more footfall, more footfall means more potential customers for us all. You are right Gary we are in good hands.

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