Today’s article is written by Janine Love. I do not know very much about her as she prefers to be a private individual. When asked for her photograph she replied ‘A human’s actions and words are who they are, faces are of no importance to me.’


The reason most humans have nothing is that they want too much. Their lives are diluted with mediocrity and compromise. Few can be persistent and follow an established and forgotten way to happiness.

Each day we are saturated with ‘wise’ words and phrases. ‘Silence is evidence of intelligence’ is a worthless statement. How can a man evidence his intelligence if he is silent? 

Silence is key to peace:

To be able to find inner peace is the paradox. Easy to realise the meaning – Difficult to practice the method.

Come back to the original sentence – “The reason most humans have nothing is that they want too much”. There can be no peace or silence for those who want everything. And no human can have everything desired. This is why they accept mediocrity and can never be satisfied.

Most believe this world is full of millionaires and mansions. Do not believe this false perception. Yes, there are a few high earners, the majority spend what they have, speculate on property and lose the lot when they become divorced. The losers have the same attitude as many, they want everything and can never be satisfied. 

The few at the top of the tree, have one attribute, they need nothing. Not ‘want for nothing’ – they need nothing. Their attitude is knowing how to make money, or success is more important than the accumulation. Because of this, they sometimes lose everything and begin from nowhere and find success again. 

These people understand the power of silence and dedication. While their colleagues are enjoying a thousand pound barbecue with friends. The silent ones are in their office watching the markets.

If these people were to be placed within another environment, they would most probably fail. It is all well and good to know how the markets function. What use would this be to someone selling crystals or homoeopathic remedies? To be ‘expert’ in one area, does not mean there will be a success in every venture.

The successful do not want or desire everything:

In fact, they know most items are pretty good. A Ford car will function just as well as a BMW. A ten-pound watch tells time as well as a hundred or thousand pound indulgence. I know a millionaire who wears off the peg suits and shirts. Few could get near his material possessions and financial wealth. But money was nothing to him, making it was everything.

The wealthy (in money, emotion, spirit and soul) have nothing to prove, their confidence is evidence of wealth. The word is confidence, not arrogance. The millionaire who wears the off the peg suits taught me a life lesson “The arrogant have nothing Janine. They are short-term winners and long-term losers”.

Something happened to me which changed my life, no, not an illness or anything serious. No, I became disillusioned, with the future. My home was paid for, and I decided to stack shelves and travel rather than work sixteen hours a day making money I could not spend. During the trips, my interest in spiritual ideas became greater. 

No, there have been no epiphanies or lightening moments. I became comfortable with the idea of self-awareness which I feel is one of the purposes of the path of peace. I grew aware of Reiki and Tarot, and these are my only esoteric focal points (Tarot is the most potent meditational tool of self-awareness). 

The lessons learned?

I have no answers to the Worlds problems and have a selfish attitude towards people who cannot help themselves. My choice is to pay my bills before thinking about indulgences. Some would say this is not much ‘awareness’ from twenty years of meditation!

Much pleasure can be had by living a simple life. I love thrift and secondhand shops, all my clothes come from these sources. The simplicity and frugal life make it easy and without the need to impress. I have no concern for long-term relationships, I say hello and goodbye to new friends every day of my life. People are ‘locked’ into tired and exhausted relationships for fear of loneliness, real knowledge of silence negates this fear. Solitude, is to my mind, to be encouraged if one’s desire is to be happy and secure.

The subject of this essay is Peace, an emotion easily found within simplicity and truth. I write of the wealthy and successful because they know the secret to achieving anything is an absolute dedication to the idea. To find peace requires total dedication and commitment. Patience is needed to establish anything – For an extreme example:- An individual no matter how much money she possessed could not open a supermarket chain, because it takes years to develop the contacts and profits to make the concept work. On the other hand: An individual could easily find two products or skills and become a recognised expert in the benefits of the products or capabilities. (my choice is Tarot and Reiki).

Mental and emotional peace is similar. It is difficult to find peace in tens of trinkets, hundred of hobbies or a thousand Facebook friends. It is easier to see it in one purpose and one great love, although, this is the most difficult of life’s tests.

Thank you, for reading this essay. 

Janine Love

Janine lives on the outskirts of London. Her daily work is with a large supermarket chain. Tarot and Reiki consultations are by appointment only. 

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  1. Profound and Thought-Provoking words, Janine Love! We all supposedly want peace, but few indeed know how to find it. Thank you for writing this inspiring essay. Definitely food for thought.x Brigitte

  2. Essentially Peace is being “free of wanting”. A heartfelt truth I discovered and adopted many years ago when I gave up the day job in the rat race and started working for myself as a professional psychic, clairvoyant, healer, teacher and author. I count my blessings every day and therefore have an abundance of wealth in all the things that are important to me. Love, compassion, peace and quiet.

  3. Wonderful I found my peace on 29th December 2013 and lve been swimming in the sea of peace ever since … thank you to Lizianevents and the author for bringing this forward for us to read well done all regards Stephen

  4. Brilliant article, much to ponder, also equally a lot less pondering and much more being present in the moment. I loved the flow of this article and the positive vibe that comes off of it , both me and my wife are being to realise possessions are just things and can be replaced. Peace is highly sort after and is scarce to some but if we look inward as suggested and simplify life we can attain it. Thank you Janine for this insightful article I enjoyed reading it.

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