Today we watch Dathan Berry present a video in which he talks about the products sold and distributed by his Solrox business.

I have been privileged to know Dathan for many years. He is a man of utmost integrity and insight. Dathan is a fascinating man to talk to about this specialist subject. We should accept he has taken the Visitor and public awareness of the benefits of using ancient rock salt to a higher level. The constant scientific research made by Solrox cannot be matched by any other business. Dathan supports his information with well-researched evidence and facts.

After watching the video spend some time looking around Solrox’s impressive website. The reader will discover Solrox not only sells and distributes ancient salt products: The company also trains therapists and practitioners in the use of the salts. Surely there is no other business involved with this fantastic product which offers such a complete service?

Notes from Dathan’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show Talk:

Ocean Spa Therapy:

‘A revolution in our understanding of what we are made of and where we came from, new science on the Oceans that will change your Life for good; We Bring Light, We Bring Healing, We Bring Love’.

The healing power of the sea in YOUR hands and feet.  Not only is Dathan the premier retailer of Himalayan Rock Salt products in the UK, his business SolRox also trains therapists to the highest professional level. His qualified therapists provide nationwide coverage offering Ocean Spa Therapy. Dathan’s knowledge is second to none, if you desire to learn about salt and minerals for your wellbeing you’ll discover a talk based on scientific evidence full of anecdotes and examples Dathan is the man to listen to at The Well Being Show.

It is evident our Well Being Shows are attracting a brilliant array of Community Members. We know that being associated with businesses like Solrox and other premium health product companies we will attract more Visitors to the Well Being Shows. As the catalogue of Community Members grows the statue of the shows and LEN becomes more established. We are dedicated to promoting Community Members to every possible avenue of interest. As we become better established we attract new and interesting Community Members the wheel of success turns for all involved.

Many Thanks, to Dathan Berry for taking the time to record this video at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. He accepted the challenge and the video was made without rehearsal. This must demonstrate Dathan’s knowledge and dedication to his products.

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  1. Yes, great off the cuff video (!!), giving facts-backed insights into the healing power of Himalayan Rock salt. Very enlightening and tempting. Am looking forward to browsing at your eye-catching and beautiful stall at the next Lizian events show, Darren Berry- And thanks Ian Timothy for expertly making this concise but fact-filled mini video.Enjoyable and informative! x Brigitte

  2. The best explanation of the use of Himalayan salt I have ever read or watched. Mr Berry is a superb presenter, clear and precise, and many good anecdotes. Thank you for this presenation – Janine

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