Isagenix is the brand of a range of health and fitness products which possess an enviable reputation for quality and results. The primary objective of the product is for people to simply and easily become healthy. As the transformation to more significant health takes place, the body naturally loses weight.

During the interview, Jane and Paula talk about the way the products work and discuss two groundbreaking products. I also ask about the financial implications of becoming part of a The Isagenix Team.

The Interview

Jane and Paula support my feeling that material security is very much part of becoming a ‘Well Being’ and it is my feeling that our Well Being Shows should work with, and encourage people like Jane and Paula to help other people to become healthy and prosper.

The whole dynamic of our Well Being Shows changes the way people think about their wellness. Jane and Paula demonstrate how people can change their lives and fortune by following a tested method to happiness.

No one is suggesting the initial stages of Well Being is easy. However, it is recommended that anyone who chooses to become dedicated to a future of health and security, will benefit from looking at opportunities such as Isagenix.

Following a conversation and subsequent interview with Jane and Paula, there was no doubt in my mind, they are more than qualified to guide and help members of their team to benefit from talking to them about working with them in the future.

Many Thanks to Jane and Paula for taking time to talk to me at the show.

For further details contact Paula:

Paula North

Tel: 07507 145956

Isagenix Website

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