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“I do not want you to think about becoming successful.”

“I do not want you to think about the possibility of becoming successful.”

“I do not want you to think about the probability of living without debt.”

Alternative thoughts are where the means to achieve dreams are found.

Dreams and thoughts are fundamental to taking decisive action. Unfortunately, the mind is always on the defensive. A definite idea is swamped by a downpour of reasons for failure. And as it is easier to fail than succeed, and most humans desire the most comfortable way. The outcome is inevitable unless the power of thought is understood.

A woman desires to change her career. This is a natural thought, a hard choice and trying to make a reality. Rent or mortgage, children, lack of support, all contribute to inaction. Her mind is centred on the negative or restrictive parts of the desire.

Of the thousands of daily thoughts, the majority are negative. What if? Be careful, how much will I lose? The human cannot help the negative, or the survival thought. Driving around the bend at night, not knowing what is beyond the bend, causes the driver to brake. He’s travelling at 50 and slows to 40. If there is a hazard, will the ten miles an hour reduction make a difference? Negotiate the bend a hundred times, thousand, tens of thousands and still, no obstacle, the driver always reduces speed. “Yes,” he says “but what if?”

How many night time bends are in your daily life? Slowing downs: What ifs? 

Everything we do which matters has to take time, it is the way of progress. See a man succeed, and we see the success: not the collection of ideas, thoughts, tests, failure, tears, insecurities, and commit of money. It is possible, even while standing at the summit, seen by admirers as amazing, the climber may never recover his investment. He probably stands there and thinks ‘what if?’

“Nothing is Certain”

Inaccurate ststement, some situations are certain, birth, death and breath are certain. People will love, others will fail to meet expectation. Age means the body slows and energy is depleted, it’s harder to make things happen, this is certain. When I teach people about methods of life, they are told: “All you listen to is impossible, it works for me, you must make the ideas your own”. Once a teacher says “This is the way” the possibility of success is diluted. If thirty people in the classroom follow the teachings, not all will achieve, only a few will win. This is evidence that the teacher’s way is not ‘The Way”. This applies to all teachers, all gurus, all masters, all professors. Think carefully, the business professor teaches his student, the professor shows a method of business, how does he know the theory will work? He is a teacher, not a businessman. Many large companies fail, deprive the shareholders, lose the pension funds, and, who taught the ‘pillars of industry’? You may have another thought, you may worship the teacher, following the lessons and believing them to be ‘The Way’. 

Read the news: 

“The country is in trouble” – “The negotiations are failing” – “We must cut back and save”.

Why do we not hear?

“Let us work to the future, pull together” – “If we cannot find an agreement – we will close the negotiation” – “Let us reinvest and prosper”.

Or better still:

“I am going to be secure – How does the plight of government affect me? I pay my contribution and the lawmaker, politician, and statesman squander the taxes, like a child with a toy. I make the best of my life, friends, family, earnings”.


Why Anonymous? 

We are all anonymous: Do I know your real thoughts? Your debts, lies and betrayals? Have you a hidden episode, action, deception? The sentiments are only thoughts, they make sense or not. Enjoyed or hated. 

If the identity is removed, we can only be judged by words or actions. My son thinks me mean because I’ll give him not a penny more. He is thirty and should stand on his own feet, make his own future. No, I would not see him without food or a warm bed, or clean clothes. He must work and save and provide for himself. Am I a poor mother because I will not line his pocketbook? Or am I a poor mother because he is in his situation? Did I teach him well or fail him? His choice was to leave home and travel, see the world. In the ten years, he was away, there were many opportunities missed, he now has to establish his future and has ten years to catch up.

My Son:

“I do not want you to think about becoming successful.”

“I do not want you to think about the possibility of becoming successful.”

“I do not want you to think about the probability of living without debt.”


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  1. A thought provoking piece with some interesting points.

    I do not believe in anonymity, although I respect those that choose it. I challenge the premise that we are all anonymous. On the contrary we all make a contribution, or impact, by what we do – or do not do. The mistake is in thinking that the words and deeds are not the identity, and if we do not put a name to those words and deeds, why not? And we all base our opinions and thoughts on our experiences and prevailing conditions, as those change, so we may change what we think. That does not sully our name.

    And remember this:

    “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.” Groucho Marx

  2. Thought provoking article and fascinating to read about someone who is not saddled or concerned with labels or bogged down by convention yet still has the mental strength to say it like it is, brilliant I feel. Please post other articles of this nature as I find insights into peoples minds very interesting. It also puts me in mind of my recent NLP course where I realised people run programmes in their minds that ultimately are run to gain the better feeling and also the path of least resistance. My message is always action shapes destiny and we are ultimately responsible for the pathway choices we make. Thanks again for posting it was a very enjoyable read.

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