The number of people reading articles has slowed slightly this month: An average daily readership of 175 over the last 30 days has lowered the figure to 5250. Even so, this is an excellent achievement and indicates exceptional potential growth for the future.

Our Twitter Feed is finally growing. The next area of focus will be our Twitter and Instagram media streams these will be utilised to a higher degree. If you have an account with either or both, consider following us, and we will follow you back.

September 15 – 16 is the date for “The Newark Well Being Show”. There are ten thousand A6 flyers and three hundred A4 posters printed. Jon Sharpe and Liz will be venturing out to the area for the promotion of this show from next week onwards.

This show has forty-eight confirmed Community Members, and there is room for seven more. The talk schedule will be the usual forty-five minutes spacing. Visitors have an interest in the seminars: indeed, the demand for talks grows. 

During this event, Spiritual Medium Barrie John will present a ‘Private’ mediumistic demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration. However, he has asked for a specific chair layout, and this limits the numbers. If you have an interest in attending email from this link.

A short review today – Enjoy your Sunday.

See You Soon

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