Jurga Proudlove is a brilliant life and health coach. She really is in the top league of her profession. Qualified to the highest degree of professional standards she is here to help anyone who wishes to transform their lives.

Meet Jurga during an event and you will discover she has a clear-minded approach to her work. Ask a question and you will discover an intelligent person who is passionate about meeting her client’s objectives.

She is a doTERRA essential oils consultant, a product which she endorses with factual anecdotes. When asked about her work, she’ll answer that her determination to see people live a healthy and happy life is her primary goal.

Here is an exert from her website:

“….And that’s why I am doing what I am doing – talking and educating people about proper nutrition reaching far beyond any current government guidelines, daily physical activity, natural and complementary cancer treatments, pure and potent essential oils and other natural remedies.

If I can help another person to be in less pain and distress by sharing my knowledge, then that’s so worthwhile and satisfying on so many levels. For me, sharing is caring in more ways than one.

I have a burning desire to help as many people as I can to become healthier, slimmer, fitter and overall happier with themselves. I know that lots of people live all their life without ever discovering what it is like to be naturally healthy, fit and ultimately happy including with themselves”.

My mission is to help people to achieve health and fitness:

  • by educating them about eating for health and vitality.
  • by motivating them to adopt a more active daily routine.
  • by holding them accountable.
  • by supporting them throughout their journey towards the permanently healthier lifestyle.

I’ve learnt a lot about different natural and alternative therapies and remedies after my husband was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, that’s Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s) in 2008.

In 2012 we reached a dead-end with conventional medicine, the final option was removing part or all of his colon. I wasn’t happy with this route of treatment; I could not imagine a man in his late thirties who loves swimming and sport living for the rest of his life with a stoma bag.

I thought to myself:

‘There must be something else, we haven’t tried everything possible yet.’

I started asking different questions and digging around online. I came across whole communities of very open-minded people; who just like my husband had reached the dead-end with conventional medicine. Many decided to take a slightly different approach to their healthcare; – a self-educated and perhaps a little more radical way with the tried and tested natural remedies. Many were having incredible success harnessing the raw power of plants, the real gifts of earth that helped us to heal for many thousands of years.

Whenever I found something which we tried for my husband’s complaint, and it worked. I felt a need to share what I’ve discovered with other people, believing it would be very selfish and unkind if the other choices were not demonstrated to other people. And that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing – talking and educating people about correct nutrition and reaching far beyond any current government guidelines. Daily physical activity, natural and alternative treatments for serious and life threating disease is core to my work. I can show how pure, safe and potent essential oils can be incredibly beneficial and powerful alternative remedies.

Incidentally: – For over two years my husband enjoys life without any synthetic medications, many gave him awful side effects, his life is transformed. He now manages his condition very successfully using a combination of diet, natural supplements, and stress management techniques.

When I help another person to be in less pain and distress through sharing my knowledge, I accomplish my objective. This aspect of my work is worthwhile and satisfying on so many levels. It all begins with sharing my husband’s story and what has worked for him. I guide people to products which could work for many people struggling with any auto-immune illnesses, serious and life threating disease. There are many other health issues including emotional ones like low mood, depression and anxiety can benefit from my knowledge. And again I can relate to personal experience. A bout of depression which began in 2010, required medication until 2012. I now manage my emotional wellness only with nutrition, physical activity and essential oils. And I too can teach my clients how to progress from discord to security to health.

From my point of view, Sharing is caring in more ways than one.

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  1. It has been a delight to become better acquainted with Jurga over the past year or so. her commitment to being a “Well being” is evident from her qualification as a fitness coach as well as her commitment to her product. Her stand is always immaculately presented, she always greets friends and passers by with the same bonhomie and genuine interest in people. Any community is a collection of differences that enhance the whole. Jurga always does herself, and the community she operates within, proud.

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