Essential Oils Family Wellness, Pain Management + Yoga Class

Are you looking for less toxic alternatives to the mainstream “every day” medicine cabinet that would be suitable for the whole family? That could support your body and mind in natural ways on physical and emotional levels?

Come along and enjoy this educational class whilst discovering how these genuinely 100% pure, safe and potent essential oils can be used in so many ways for our health and wellbeing, supporting our bodies in fighting different ailments – minor and major.

Booking is ESSENTIAL for this workshop. Tickets cost £10.

FREE GIFTS for everyone attending this class:

*** A bottle of doTERRA’s versatile, food grade Wild Orange oil

*** Access to the closed online FB support & education group

*** A 30 minutes one-to-one Wellness Consultation (over the phone or Skype)

I will talk you through what therapeutic grade essential oils are, how they are produced, safe usage guidelines and how to be confident and empowered whilst using them in your everyday life.

During this class, you will learn about doTERRA’s “Family / Home Essentials Kit”: 10 core oils designed to be used to support the body, mind and heart on physical and emotional levels. I will also talk about a few extra oils that are beneficial for pain management.

You will learn HOW TO:

– Support your immune system and help it to deal with seasonal and environmental threats

– Relieve occasional sleeplessness

– Relieve head and neck tension

– Support joint function

– Reduce sad and anxious feelings

– Calm emotions, soothe away tension, relieve restlessness, eliminate irritability

– Help with focus and staying on task

– Relieve occasional nausea or motion sickness

– Relieve occasional constipation

– Relieve minor muscle pain following exercise

– Help restore mental alertness or wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness

– Maintain healthy respiratory system functions

– Relieve occasional ear discomfort

You will leave with a mind full of information on how to use these amazing doTERRA essential oils in your home for the enjoyment and health of your family (upgrade your household cleaning products, your daily skin and hair care products).

I am so incredibly passionate about these oils, having seen what they have done for my family, as well as friends and clients, and as such I am more and more motivated to share them with others. Like most people, I started off thinking they were just something which smelt nice that aromatherapy massage therapist used, but now I have full respect for their power, and it is SO wonderful to be able to support my body (and my family’s) in a totally natural way that works!


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