I came across the book ‘Through the Veil’ by accident. I was searching for Heather’s website, and Amazon’s link came into view. Two minutes later I’d downloaded the Kindle file, and later in the day, I began to read the book: three in the morning I read the final words.

My first moments with any book is with the index, taking the time to review the chapters of a book gives one a good idea of where it will make the reader. There are thirty chapters, and each one can be comfortably read in an hour (faster if desired). The format flows well, and one section leads into another nicely. The reader will encounter chapter titles such as 5: Control. 6: Karma. 19: Recognising Worth 24: The Ego.

Heather writes eloquently and with high precision. ‘Through the Veil’ is easy to comprehend and follow. There are no places where the reader can become confused or lost, Heather has fulfilled the most important facet of any book, it is readable. 

‘Through the Veil’ is composed from a series of conversations with Daniel. Questions are asked and answered. Heather asks many of the questions from her own perspective, and she asks on behalf of others during small group gatherings. The gatherings were taped, and I assume most of the dialogue in the book comes from the recordings and notes taken by other people in the meetings. Incidentally, the copyright is dated 2009 so I am assuming the tapes were made months if not years before that year.

“Suspend Your Beliefs”

When reading books, we often come across phrases or sentences which resonate with our Being. This phrase almost stopped me in my tracks. Certainly, it had me thinking for over an hour. Before the internet search I did not know the book existed, nor had I spoken to Heather about its existence. The point is this: ‘I have worked diligently over the last seven years to dissolve all previously held beliefs’, and as I read through the chapter there were many other coincidences. For examples: references to colour and associated meditation.

It is important not to reveal too many of Daniels messages and answers, to do so would spoil the potential of the book for future readers. Indeed, ‘Through the Veil’can activate many unknown or mysterious possibilities for those searching along a spiritual path.

This reviewer likes paper books so as he can take possession of the ideas: Notation and isolation of phrases, paragraphs and chapters is part of my reading experience. As the book is in digital download form, this option is impossible. Even so, I can still take notes and think carefully about the ideas put forward. There are tens of views within the chapters, it is a book which can become a good friend. Many of the sentences can be used for meditational mantras. 

For Examples:

“When an aspect of the subconscious is afraid, it will endeavour to protect you.”

“By knowing that they will have to face up to the consequences of their deeds.”

In conclusion:

If you have an inclination toward spiritual ideas and concepts download ‘Through the Veil’. It is to my mind a shining light of explanation and ideas for mediation. The download price is very reasonable and worth every penny. Incidentally: if you do not have a Kindle device, Amazon has a Kindle reader compatible with all computers, tablets and phones, there is no reason not to buy the book.

There is mention of twenty painting which Heather made during or after meditation. It is suggested the pictures be made into cards. I wondered if they are still available for review. I discovered a Facebook link (click the orange link below) to the images which are brilliant meditational symbolism.

The Images

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