Peter Wall is one of the U.K’s longest practising hypnotherapists. When asked how many years he has worked in this field he answers: ‘Over twenty’ his addictive smile suggests many years more. If you meet him at a show, he’ll be smiling, and there is always a joke or two. However, once you start talking about hypnosis, his knowledge of the subject is beyond reproach. 

Peter Wall
Peter Wall

After all of the years working in full-time clinical hypnotherapy Peter Wall has chosen pass on his knowledge to other people. Today, he will work with a few selected clients; however, his focus is on ‘The Peter Wall Academy of Clinical Hypnosis’. Students will learn from a Master of the Art, he will steer them through every aspect of clinical hypnosis of the many weeks of intensive study. The final modules teach the student about the business aspect of the work, finding clients and building the practice into a busy and profitable career.

While visiting The Well Being Show, take time to talk to Peter Wall, he’ll talk about fears and phobias, and building confidence and a golf swing! And, if you have a look through his extensive collection of cd recordings you may find one which can help you relax, stay calm or overcome the fear of public speaking.

Peter Wall is an approachable and kind man. He has time for everyone, and everyone has to time for him. By the way, keep your eye on the television, he’ll appear on the Nicky Campbell show or chat shows where hypnosis is the subject.

Article About Peter’s Acadamy of Clinical Hypnosis (includes audio interview)

Peter Wall is one of the Country’s leading hypnotists. His career has spanned more than twenty years. During this time he has worked with thousands of clinical clients. Peter’s interest in Past Life Regression began soon after he qualified. He perfected a safe and unique technique for use with Past Life Regression clients. Within a year he was on the way to becoming the leading expert in PLR in this country.

Peter has kept meticulous records of most of the PLR sessions. He took his experiences ‘on the road’ for some years; he enjoyed sell-out audiences who were fascinated with his recollections of PLR sessions. Peter finished the shows with a spectacular demonstration of PLR. He hypnotised everyone in the audience and took them through a PLR session. I witnessed three of the events, they were terrific, and all who attended would confirm this view. Peter has taken part in numerous television debates on the subject of life after death and past life regression. He is still the television and radio producers first call when an opinion on this subject is required.

As mentioned Peter has worked with thousands of clinical clients: This aspect of his work spans from habit breaking sessions to closing extremely complex long-term issues. Again, we must acknowledge his enviable reputation in this field.

Four years ago a hypnotic phenomenon we know as ‘HypnoBand’ literally took the World by a storm. The technique is an effective weight loss system. Peter enjoyed many successes with HypnoBand and although the system is now superseded by other methods: When the system became available Peter immediately saw the potential and turned it into personal success. We should acknowledge that even after fifteen years of practising traditional techniques, Peter was prepared to use a new system to benefit clients.

Mr Wall can evidence his ability to another fact: He has earned a living working as a full-time hypnotist for twenty years. There would be few who could meet this astounding record. And now Peter is taking another avenue in his illustrious career in hypnotherapy. He is training new students to follow in his footsteps.

Listen to Peter talk about the course


He has harnessed twenty years of practical work and has developed his Hypnotist Practitioner Course. Who could doubt the course will be fascinating and a life-changing experience? Imagine being taught by an expert who has encountered almost every situation imaginable in a clinical hypnosis practice. Peter will demonstrate the techniques used to grow a successful hypnosis business. This course is well thought through, builds in stages, and is certificated by an Internationally recognised institution.

If you are seeking a new career or wish to supplement an income: If you feel you can commit to working through each training module carefully: If you wish to benefit the way you work through life’s hurdles. Contact Peter and talk about how the course and your future.

John Richardson is also a highly respected hypnotist. He has worked in many countries of the World with his profession. I asked him if he would write a testimonial about Peter. He wrote:

‘I could write a hundred words about my admiration for Peter Wall. I choose not to do so, these few words are all anyone needs: ‘Peter Wall has many years of experience in all areas of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: As a teacher, I would recommend him above all others’
John Richardson

For further details of the course – Peter’s Website

Contact Peter by Email

Peter Wall Original Profile

If I could turn the clock back to the Late 1970’s and hear someone say ‘Peter one day, you will become a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist’ I would have laughed my socks off!  That is exactly where I am today.  I have now been a qualified Hypnotherapist for over 15 years and the reason for this happening? Well, it was like this.

I had been made redundant after several years working as the Bar Manager at Bretton College near Wakefield in 1999 and decided to go into what had been initially a hobby up to this point, working and being creative with stained glass.  It was while I was attending a Craft fair a gentleman approached me and asked if I could make a Pyramid in Glass for his wife to cleanse and energise her crystals.   I will admit this request bemused me, but never wanting to turn down a challenge I agreed.  After much research on the dimensions and history surrounding the pyramids – in particular, the pyramids at Giza in Egypt the pyramid was duly prepared and low and behold I had lost the gentleman’s details!

A colleague who I had met at the Craft fairs told me about an event being held in Ilkley and thought it might be worth my while to take my pyramids along to this event.  So off I went. This turned out to be my first Mind Body and Spirit exhibition and where I became known as ‘Pyramids by Pierre’.

While at this at this particular l event I met Brian Glenn of the Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and as they say the rest is history.

I will admit Hypnosis (albeit mostly Stage Hypnosis) had always fascinated me.

But this was taking Hypnosis to a more professional clinical basis, and this intrigued me even more.  After a chat with Brian, I took home some of the literature about his school and how to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

By the year 2002/3 having qualified and become a member of the National Council of Psychotherapy, I started working out of a variety of alternative therapy premises in around the Barnsley Area where I am based.

Then in 2007, I had the opportunity to open my clinic in the village of Cawthorne and remained there until April 2016.

I had planned to ‘retire’ but I have come to realise there is no such thing and continue to work with clients now in their homes and have a therapy room in Doncaster. Although perhaps working on a more semi-retired basis.  While ever I can help my clients I will continue to do so.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about Hypnosis, but it is an amazing therapy to help and overcome so many things, such as fears and phobias which may come in many forms and these are invariably started in early years. But, by using Hypnotherapy, which has been around for hundreds of years, these can be overcome after just one or two sessions.

The use of Hypnotherapy to help with Public Speaking and to become more self-confident is now becoming more widespread.  Of course, there are the usual matters such as Stop Smoking and Weight Control where Hypnotherapy has become more predominately used over the past decade, in particular with the onset of the Virtual Gastric Band method for weight control for clients who are classed as morbidly obese.

I have also become well known for my work with Past Lives, and this is now one of my key areas where I use Hypnosis to enable clients to explore their past lives in a safe, secure and enjoyable way. I am also now accredited by the NCP to teach Past Life Regression to other Professionals who deal with the General Public, and these workshops are growing in popularity.

Since my very first event in Ilkley all those years ago, I have attended numerous MBS & Well Being events the length and breadth of the country and worked abroad in Germany, Jersey & Spain.

I am proud to have been one of the first exhibitors to join Liz Clark and Ian Timothy of LizianEvents Well Being Shows. And look forward to continuing to support them for the foreseeable future at their other events, including Lincoln, Cheltenham, Newark and Nottingham to promote Hypnotherapy, my Past life Regression Teaching and The Peter Wall Way to Self Help Cds at these events.

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  1. Everything to say was said in this profile about Peter Wall’s impressive career!
    I have known Peter for many years, through years of MBS shows, and have attended some of his fascinating talks & demonstrations.
    Peter is always friendly, very approachable and most knowledgeable.

    His stand is always a key point and landmark in all shows, his reputation widely spread!
    Anybody just curious, or very interested in the topic, can be reassured they’ll be safe and in very good hands when Peter Wall is looking after them and their needs. Discover and Enjoy!

  2. Peter is a great bloke very knowledgeable and a constant source of information and inspiration. Hypnotherapy is on my tool gathering list and whether the training is with Peter or another I have felt inspired by Peters passion for his work and I hope to tread this path myself at some point in the near future.

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