Jane Osborne is a long-serving member of The Community and Mind Body Spirit circuit and author of two books. She is a thorough and effective hypnotherapist who has spent many years perfecting her unique skill of Past Life regression with Quantum Healing, first explored by the late Dolores Cannon. 

Jane Osbourne
Jane Osbourne

She has performed in many countries, including: Toronto 2006, India 2007 and Europe, guesting in Stornoway 20016, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, an event broadcasted by BBC Scotland.

Her broad knowledge of the subject and twenty-eight alternative therapy qualifications provide her with the tools to uniquely meld various methods of healing. Her book “Exploring Past Lives”, which can be purchased on Amazon gives a fascinating insight into the subject, together with case studies: Link to Book 

Her second book “The Golden Age of Spiritualism” is in its final stages.

Jane has worked conscientiously to become regarded as a leading Past Life Regression Therapist. She trained with Mr Peter Wall, who was recognised as the U. K’s best-established practitioner in this fascinating field, worked with Paul McKenna at NEC Birmingham and John Williamson at Olympia Exhibition Centre, London.  Her training at The Arthur Findley College, Essex, The Barbanell Centre, Stafford but to name a few has placed her in good stead to combine her unique gift with her spiritual qualities. Her approach mirrors that of Alba Weinman in the USA.

Jane continues to extend her knowledge and work with the leading lights in Past Life Regression while developing her unique Quantum healing solution.

Prior to a session, Jane will ask the client to provide a list of questions they seek answers for. This could be anything from work-related, health, fears, and relationship questions to “have I had a past life with my dog”.

The Subconscious will select what past life to show the individual. It is not uncommon for multiple Past Lives to be shown during a single session. Jane will navigate an individual through a Past Life using a series of questions to help determine the period, social setting and fascinating discoveries of lives lived previously. She works with the Angels to release discord of memory and neutralise any fears or phobia, also known as attachments and shadows, which may be holding the client back.

Past Life Regression is the first component of Jane’s technique, for some that is enough.

If you wish, she will also take you to the Soul Realm to discover new insights and who is supporting you today in this life.  She is very passionate about conducting a body scan of outdated cellular memory. This allows her to work with the Angels and crystals to release undesirable memories, data, fears and phobias that are holding the person back. 

Cutting the cords of the past replenish, balance and fortify the body, giving the client a new sense of freedom and direction. For some, a series of sessions represent the best way to deal with complex and entrenched issues.

Client case studies can be found by browsing through the pages of her news blogs:
Link Here:  

Besides her usual practice hours, she offers home visits. Her travels take her to many parts of the UK. See her talks, workshops and dates: Link Here:

To book a session with Jane or to ask questions please contact E-mail

To text or telephone 07913746072

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  1. WoW! Jane Osborne’s website is an Aladdin cave of fascinating and very tempting events, workshops and talks… as well as astounding details about herself and her life. You are a very brave, interesting and extremely knowledgeable lady, Jane. Looking forward to seeing you again at NEWARK Lizian September Event. xx Brigitte

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