In our first poll, we asked ‘Should We Continue With Workshops at Our Events’ and over a hundred people voted. The result was a definite ‘YES’. We now need to ask the Visitors how much are they prepared to pay to attend a workshop. It is important for that the Visitors set the ‘Cost of Workshops’.

During the shows, we talk to Visitors about the event, Community Members, talks and any other aspects on which they would like to make a comment. When the question of workshops is posed, the answer was focussed on cost.

We listen to our Visitors and will make changes base on their opinion. Indeed, the first poll indicates we desire to interact with everyone who helps to make the shows prosper. It is of little use following one individual’s preconceived idea of the format of the show. We can only evolve through listening to the thoughts and opinions of those who attend the shows.

We intend to run surveys at both Newark and Lincoln. Key to our future is giving Visitors a varied and exciting show. This means we will tailor the events to the Visitors desires based on the information received. So, both streams of data will mould The Well Being Events into unique events which will attract more people.

The poll will set the price attendees will pay for the workshops. Once we know the figure, it will be up to Community Members to choose if they would take on the challenge. Before we can take this any further let us see the results of the poll.

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