Gary Longdon replies to the article titled ‘MONEY’. This article received two ‘private’ replies. One came from a disgruntled individual who claimed the content to be inaccurate and mischievous. My reply was to read it through with care and not bias, I write from the perspective of integrity and open-mindedness. We can choose to think carefully about the content or ignore the lessons within. I will leave it to Gary’s powerful and concise reply to expand upon the article.
I believe that there are even more positives here that have been mentioned.
Nothing is free. For me, the Lizian Ethos is about a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year community. Thus the table fee per event buys you more than the table, it buys you access to the Directory, Listings and features. LEN is selling for the exhibitor in between events. Anyone who sees LEN as a solus platform is missing the point. Anyone who does not use LEN, who exhibits, is wasting money they have already paid for it. Equally, LEN itself generates show visitors, which equals gate money, and more customers for exhibitors.
Going forward, it may well be that LEN takes advertising from non-exhibitors, and a decision on payment from those advertisers will need to be made. But it is not straightforward. The more advertisers there are, the more site visitors, the more gate/ visitor spend money. We all know that there is a gap in the market for a single “go to” Well Being website. And yet… If the site did become that, its status as a community website would be diminished.
I think that it is incumbent upon us all to contribute to, nurture, and shape LEN – without exhibitors and their services it ceases to exist, how we shape its future is up to us.
Many thanks, Gary for this brilliant insight and call to action.

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