Today we reflect on the power or should I write the power of being part of A Community-Driven organisation? We have eight binding agreements which are fundamental to our success. We have taken many hard choices over the last year. Those who do not feel they can work together or feel our ethos is smoke-screen or illusion have left OUR Community. We wish them well and accept some prefer to fly solo. Readers can remind themselves of The Commitments and Community Ethos by following the orange link.

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This is a document which establishes the connection between the organiser and Community and binds them as ONE. As the plans for the future are revealed, readers will understand why we have had to take one small step at a time. We reinvest all profits into Venues and the material needs for future promotion of Community and Well Being Shows. Do not think we are content to stay with the format as it stands. Those who are with us today will reap the harvest of the seeds being sown today.

The Eight Guiding Commitments

1.  The Community recognises the purpose of each show is for visitors to discover ways to become ‘A Well Being’.

2.  This is the core value and objective of our shows.

3.  Community Members are dedicated to Share and Promote their Shows.

4.  Community Members support each other.

5.  LizianEvents protect the reputation of the shows at all times.

6.  Ethos is of greater importance than profit.

7.  LizianEvents are not the Event – The Community is the Event.

8.  Dedication and understanding ALL the above values is essential to mutual success.

Potentials of Community

Those who understand the potential of sharing reap the rewards of their commitment. Darren Stanton offered the suggestion that sharing and becoming an active part of The Community actually enhances the probability of individual success at OUR shows.

The response from the new and potential Community Members is fantastic. They have no pre-conceived ideas of how a ‘Well Being Show’ should be: The new Community Members join because of the ethos and what they read about OUR events. They know the evolution is unique and groundbreaking. We are lamplighters to the future of events, why else would so many replicate our work?

None can come close to what is being achieved with this daily publication. On the sixteenth of September 2018, we will see the landmark 500th article published here on LEN. In eighteen months time, we will see the 1000th article published. At that marker, it is anticipated our readership will be 10000 (yes, ten thousand) per month. Where will this take us? I have an idea. However, this is for another article.

What is certain, is more members of The Community will relish the challenge and become deeply involved in the future of The Well Being Shows. In turn, the shows will grow in attendance and recognition. Being part of, and active within The community is the way to prosper and succeed.

There is not the slightest interest in the ways of others. We are dedicated to becoming a Community-Driven and Nationally recognised organisation. We now know we have chosen the right path. How do we know? Because there is interest from new people who totally embellish the idea and ethos of Community. Not only this, we have interest from people from every corner of the Country. This is the evidence our work and values are being noticed.

By Being Dedicated to The Success of The Shows – Everyone Wins

See You Soon


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