Over the last three hours, Liz and I have received 5 communications regarding an Exhibitor who has made highly disparaging and slanderous statements regarding our organisation – LizianEvents.  I’d remind this individual that we have a sequence of emails and correspondence which refute what is being said.  We made a business decision to protect the future of the Community and LizianEvents.

The most important thing is that three of the communications mention this statement being used:

‘call themselves community minded?’  

Every atom of our ethos is dedicated to Community. A Community works together for the benefit of all parties.  As organisers, we can make extraordinary choices and decisions to help people who are in trouble.  However, we are not mind readers, and if somebody does not communicate with us, then we have to make choices which are to the benefit of the community as a whole. In this instance, we have to make our decisions based on the information available, and the sequence of actions seen and taken by all involved in any given situation. We can only act (as all people can only act) on what is known.

A Community works together, it is balanced.  We have to make decisions which maintain the balance.  I could go in depth and answer the accusations which have been made towards us today but at this moment I choose not to do so: because: I know the majority of Community Members who know us well, will vouchsafe for our good character, fairness, honesty and integrity.  

What is wonderful is that five people have shown immense concern for the statements that have been made and I will quote one of them:

“this isn’t just damaging the LizianEvents Organisation, it’s damaging every one of the Community Members who believe in what you are doing and the future you are building for us.”

I’m asking you to talk to many people about this post and I say to you, there are two sides to every story, we are not offering hearsay, we have a complete timeline of the events, and we can establish, without doubt, we acted with integrity and compassion.  I would ask the individual involved to read again the final email they received from LizianEvents, this is a record of evidence of our intention and our caring and our compassion.  I would ask that individual after re-reading it, will consider their future words.  I have no doubt we will receive more communications of concern,  it is only through my understanding and compassion for the individual that I do not publish this final email. 

We wish the individual well, with love in our hearts, we bear no malice, we are truly saddened by today’s events.

Ian Timothy and Liz Clark 

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  1. Very sad to read that some pathetic person tried to spread malicious comments.
    I have not seen or heard any of them. (Lucky for that person, I would have sorted them out! 🙂 )

    But I can indeed confirm that if I had had any doubt about Liz & Ian’s ethos, integrity, transparency, forward thinking, compassion, understanding and total dedication to the well-being of our Community, I would not be part of it wholeheartedly as I have been and I am.

    Like the Musketeers, “we are ONE for ALL, and ALL for ONE!”
    So indeed, any insult to one of us is an insult to ALL OF US.

    Don’t worry, Liz & Ian… Let that filthy water run off your backs, like ducks do! xxxx Brigitte

  2. It is interesting thant you do not go into detail about the full nature of the comments made by this person. I find it commendable that you have written the essay as an answer to those who have listened to the persons opinion. It is important to show that you will protect the community and the ethics you are establishing.

    There will be some who feel the best way to deal with critic is to ignore it or let the critic go away. In the real world, gossip and Chinese whispers have long lasting and damaging effect. And therefore critic needs to be answered.

    I understand your reasons for writing this cryptic messsage. It shows to all who read it you are not afraid to protect your and the community’s investments of time and hard work to build something which is clearly unique.

    We live in a world where we HAVE to clairfy damaging statements. It is clear that you cannot communicate with everyone who has listened to this damaging statement directlty. Therefore, you have take a brave step to defend your position on a public platform, this is something few would do. And you have done so openly and without fear. For every one who disagrees with this act, there will be twenty who commend it.

    It seems to me, your statement is one of integrity and determination to evidence your principals and ethos. I feel you are also proving businnes acumen of the highest standard. Far higher than the average attainment of mediocre managers. You are leaders, and you are sharers, who protect and think carefully about those who trust and support you.

    Of course there are some who will disagree and use inaccurate information in an attempt to damage what you are creating. They would do well to see from this essay, you have no fear of protecting those who place their faith in your methods.

    Many people will see that you are strong and determined leaders. All should recognise, what is happening with this Community Organisation is an amazing example of connecting people to a common purpose.


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