Fourteen years ago we were offered a place on the indoor market in Nottingham. As we looked at the space, we knew it had potential. The market officer left us to think about the deal. There was much to do, space needed cleaning and a few coats of paint.

Poor Position?

As we measured the stall, a fellow trade said: “I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s the worse place in the market”. As we looked at the position, we realised he was correct, the position seemed to have a visibility disadvantage. The stall was in a blind spot. The difficulty for us was the market officer did not like the goods we were offering for sale. He had one attitude toward us: “take it or leave it”. That is the way the market was run in the days. The important fact was, we had faith in our marketing ability and could see the future.

We chose to “take it”, and he made the signing of the contract a long and tedious process. Four weeks later the painting began. Liz remembers a butcher saying “You’ll not survive three months. Who would want to buy rocks?”


Fourteen years later the butcher is no longer with us, and the market officer is an excellent and trusted friend. There is one certainty, the original comment: “I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s the worse place in the market” is correct. The stall is in a blind spot, and even though many would have walked away, Liz had confidence in her ability.

The fact is we had a few early financial setbacks, and after two years the stall became an excellent living for two people. It continues to thrive and draw new customers to see the stock. Our attitude has always been “We are the business and it matters not where we are, or what position we are given, we’ll succeed”.

Position Means Nothing

We never worried where we were put at any show we attended. In fact, for my colour reading, I preferred a secluded area. At the Gorton Monastery, we were placed in the furthest pitch from the door. As many will recall the venue was expensive and all had to work hard to prosper. There was not one Gorton show where we did not make a handsome return.

Many people felt we were lucky to be next to “I always do well when I’m near you” was a well known Community Members comment. He is a hard worker and promotes well before the shows. We see this as an essential aspect of our success. The reader only has to look at our relentless promotion of Your Well Being Shows, to know this fact.

Think It Through
Think It Through

The biggest problem is listening to the butchers of the market and shows: the ones who say “I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s the worse place in the market (show)”. Because the moment you believe the lie, you are drowning in their negative attitude. Ask yourself this question “When a visitor pays four or five pounds to come to a show. Is the visitor going to walk the whole of the floor?” Take the idea further: ask another question “When I visit a show or exhibition do I explore the whole of the event?”

Do NOT Listen to Negative People

When an area goes ‘flat’ it has everything to do with the individual who says: “I wouldn’t bother with that, it’s the worse place in the market”. Once the lie is believed, you will drown in the deceitful sentiment. If the visitors are to stay, talk and spend, they need to be rewarded with interaction and a smile. This reward must be made before any further transaction can be accomplished.

The Community is Succeeding

The Community which is The Well Being Shows has and continues to evolve. Many new members are joining our group. The reason most give is “I love the idea of Community”. You may have noticed our identity is also evolving. When people ask me about OUR shows my first reply is “We are evolving as the biggest Community based Well Beings events in the UK”. No one can dispute this fact.

Every time we are approached by a potential Community Member they are asked to visit the → Community Information page on the LizianEvents dot com site. “Come back and talk to us if you feel you can work with the eight guiding agreements”. and the ones who accept and understand the statutes of the organisation will join us. Soon, all Community members will acknowledge and recognise the power of what is being created. Before long, our Community-based organisation will be known as a way of bringing one-hundred and fifty people, from all walks of life, with different ideas, together to work in harmony and prosperity.

You ‘The Community’ should never underestimate the influence you are having on all who are watching our progress. Well done! You are shining stars in a universe of opportunities.

See You Soon

“By Being Dedicated to The Success of The Shows – Everyone Wins”

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  1. A good piece.

    Product, price, presentation and pizzazz come first. If you have a product or service that people want, at a price they can afford, display it well, and sell it with enthusiasm, customers will find you.

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