Become Community Member? Part One…

Last week we received an email: 

“How do I become a Community Member.”

“Read the Community info page on LizianEvents dot com. If you agree to the manifesto: like and share the LizianEvents Group on Facebook, enter yourself onto the free directory, and you become a Community Member”.
“Yes, but do I have to have a stall at a show?”

“No, you become a Community Member by using our media platforms. There is no charge, we want you to prosper. If your business is new, use the platform to promote your work and services. All we ask in return is for you to share information about our shows and Community Driven Organisation”.

“That is amazing”.

“No, it is the way we will all prosper”.

Being Dedicated to The Success of The Shows We All Win

No Hidden Agenda

People are seeing the benefits of becoming a Community Member. The biggest hurdle we have overcome is proving there is no hidden agenda. What you see is what you get. If you have something to sell, put it on the classifieds if you have a service or skill, promote them on the listings.

The Community’s potentials are released by allowing the freedom of our platform to be a potent catalyst for success and prosperity. In other words, if you wish to promote yourself, business or skills, make sure your information is listed in the free directory. If you have items to sell, place them in the classified. If you have something to say about you and your business, write a submission and send it to The more you share your work, the higher the probability of experiencing success.

An essential factor to our long-term success is bringing Visitors to our internet media sites. The more people who visit, the higher the potential for Visitors to come to the shows. Let’s face the facts: Our Community-based organisation is unique, our chosen method of promotion is unique, we are beginning to make exceptional headways. 

All new Community members are interactive and understand the potential of what is available: Claire Kathleen the proprietor of Cuckoo’s Beauty see’s the potential and became a Community Member, no doubt she will consider using the show platform to promote her business. Claire has chosen to take advantage of the directory and LizianEvents Group. And we will do everything to support her new venture.

I am asking you to consider you are a “I’m GREAT” person in a “We’re GREAT” Community. You see we are not a series of shows in which the same old exhibitors attend time and again. We are a 365-day connection to our Visitors, and this makes the difference. If you think carefully about the implication of what this means.

At this moment we are building an extraordinary and influential database for Visitors to use and enjoy. We are also developing a show platform which is second to none. Now, we are not claiming to be the best, largest or longest established. We are unique, select and in constant evolution. We do have a significant number of people interested in attending shows as Community Members: and they have found themselves in a queue. I have wondered for some time if those who share and interact may eventually gain a priority to stand at the shows, or maybe introduce a final incentive to share and contribute. As we operate a first come first served basis on our booking forms, we achieve a healthy turnover in attending Community Members. This benefits our Visitors who meet new Community Members on a regular basis.

There have been times when ‘exhibitors’ have failed to accept this aspect of our terms and conditions. As a result, they have incorrectly voiced the opinion we have ‘let them down’ or are ‘not a Community-driven organisation’. The reality and truth are the demand is beginning to outstrip the availability of stand space. This is a healthy place for all of The Community, and why we have LEN and the facilities it offers. And as more people visit the site, the more opportunity for daily awareness. 

Now while this causes disappointment and sometimes results in the misinterpretation of our organisation. Visitors enjoy the freshness of the events. You see, no matter how we consider a show, we need fresh and new ideas to keep Visitors returning. From personal experience, Liz and I were always being ‘chased’ by organisers to attend their shows. We had three organisers we preferred to work with: Two are exceptional, and we own the remnants of the third. It is interesting LizianEvents chases no one. Every one who is a Community Member has approached us for information. The key to becoming a Community Member is understanding the Community Terms and Conditions and listing on The FREE directory.

Yes, we have lost a few people over the months. Some do not like the ways of organisation or have failed to communicate to get the best from it, maybe they do not see the longterm potential. This is human nature, we cannot please everyone every time. Indeed, we have no intention of doing so! We work for the overall benefit of The Community, and this sometimes requires us to say ‘Fair well, we wish you well’. As many have seen in recent days, we defend The Community’s hard work and investment. Attempting to damage our reputation will hurt the potential for the shows and The Community to be successful. We are not playing games here, this is a serious and important venture. In the long term, all who are active and part of it will see our vision and reap the rewards of our universal efforts.

It should be noted that many start their business with enthusiasm and as time passes, there is a feeling the venture is not making traction. The reality could be opposite to the suspicion of imminent failure. One must expect to work for between eighteen months and two years before decent headways are made. Any who seek instant success is in effect being self-restrictive. LizianEvents feel three years of constant effort will reap the harvest we are working toward. And do not think we will stop using our relentless method of promotion and making people aware of our objectives. For the moment we need to be recognised as a unique and influential Community-based Well Being organisation. 

We will achieve the objective because the foundations are deep and the walls are strong. And therefore we can weather any storm or potentially severe setback. By demonstrating strength and loyalty, we will, in turn, receive the loyalty of our Visitors and those who chose to become Community Members.

I write this article as an introduction to those who feel they can make valuable contributions to OUR Well Being Shows, which are the events where Community Members can meet and exchange thoughts and ideas. 

Of course, there will be Community Members who work over the weekend selling goods, giving Spiritual Consultations and working to the highest standards of alternative healing. Alongside them are their fellow Community Members who demonstrate ways for people to earn an income from franchises and specialist training.

However, as more Visitors choose to become Community Members by joining the LizianEvents Group and listing their work on The Free Directory and selling relevant goods on the classified. The whole Community will come alive and benefit from each others contribution and interaction.

The point is this we are growing in size and stature. We are becoming a Community which has so much to offer thousands of people. As organisers we are the core of the organisation, as such, we will be called upon to make difficult choices. All can be sure we will not allow the tens of thousands of hours or effort made by our Community to be damaged. If there is a problem, we will address it, and do so publicly. Community Members should know they are growing something almost magical. And they should be proud of the identity seen and admired by many strangers who are becoming friends.

Well Done

See You Soon

To become a Community Member – Apply to join the LizianEvents Group – Interact and share the post on the Group with your friends. Use the classified ads and if you have a service, therapy, product, or ‘gift’ list yourself on the directory. You may be a masseuse, Reiki practitioner, acupuncturist, dietician or any specials in helping people to become a Well Being. You could be a musician or teacher if you think you have something to offer which will help other people become a Well Being. You can contribute, you can become a Community Member.

More Tomorrow…


  1. Thanks for the update and as some very wise people say “sharing is caring”. I love being part of this and also agree with notion of needing time to build success, like all houses they will only stand for years if they are built on the correct foundations.

  2. The transparancy of these articles is more than commendable, it is brave and shows courage. As the months pass, I can see a growing dedication from those involved in the shows. And this is from both sides of the community – visitors and exhibitors. There can be little doubt that this organisation will become a yardstick which will be difficult to copy. In fact the identity of the Well Being events is already established. The organisers should be aware of the task ahead, although, it is evident there is immence capability and abiity to manifest the objective. Janine

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