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Step It Up – Continuing From Yesterdays Post…

Now we introduce the second stage in our evolution. We are becoming a Community with a unique identity. Look around the net and see if you can find anything similar. There are no other Community Based Well Being Organisations.

All of us are part of the organisation, we are the organisation. Eighteen months from the first beginnings, the time is right to bring our Visitors into The Community. After all, no show will prosper without the patronage of our Visitors.

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We feel many will enjoy being part of the evolution of our Community. If you are a Visitor to the Well Being Shows, imagine the feeling of knowing you are part of the success of the show. It seems to us the more opportunities we provide for people to connect with the more we all benefit from the connections.

Dialogue is an exchange of ideas. As the number of people who comment on and share our posts and articles grows, the stronger we become. You see, this is part of the evolution, and the interaction suggests that Visitors are in fact Community Members. Those who come to the show with the attitude that the show thrives because of their presence will help to promote the events.

☞LizianEvents Group

Think Carefully

Community Visitors desire Our Well Being Shows to grow and become something they will look forward to and enjoy. As the number of Visitors who read the articles on LEN increases, the visibility of our presence also grows. As there is a personal connection, they become more supportive of our their events. By encouraging Visitors to understand the shows are holistic events: and the events cannot exist without them, we acknowledge their importance.

Whenever someone visits, whether for a day or a weekend, if they consider they are part of the show, then they must become part of The Community. In other words “When a Visitor Supports The Well Being Show they become part of the event”. Because without our Visitors the shows would not exist.

Returning Community Visitors

As mentioned yesterday: we all accept our Community stand at the shows on a ‘First Come – First Served’ basis. There are those who misunderstand this and incorrectly believe they have ‘lost their spot’ or ‘have been treated unfairly’. Nothing could be further from the fact. We desire that our shows become examples of the variety. We all welcome new and different Community Members to the shows. Community Visitors are guided to this aspect of our events. We cannot expect them to see the same people every time. If David Bowie had only made one recording, he would not have attained his legendary status. In life those who evolve succeed.

During the shows, we will be interacting with our Visitor Community and asking them for their opinions of how they wish the events to progress. We will be asking questions in a survey, and the results will influence the way the shows are developed. In this way the Visitor Community will know they have an influence on the Well Being Shows they visit.

The Visitor Community aspect of our Well Being Shows has to be noted as a definitive ‘first’. Without a doubt, we are testing new and adventurous ground. This idea will evolve and become part of the enviable identity The Community is forging with Visitors. We have a well-defined plan for the future. And the event we are working towards will be a landmark in our Well Being Calendar.

The time is right to bring Visitors and The Shows ‘Working Community’ together. When we can imagine the potential of this concept, nothing can stop the growing progress of reaching our objective. The objective is to bring people together from all walks of life, with differing ideas and the understanding of open-minded dialogue. And within this event, the Community thrives and benefits each other.

The organisation of the events can mean difficult choices have to be made for the benefit of this growing and essential Community. The reality is without The Community there can be no event, there can be no evolution. Therefore, Visitors are very much part of The Community.

We ask anyone who is interested in being part of this evolution to join the LizianEvents Group on FaceBook. And once you are a member, you can make comments, and promote your shows. Imagine the feeling of walking into a show and thinking:

“I am part of this, some of my efforts have made this happen.”


“When a Visitor supports our “Well Being Shows” they become part of the event”



☞LizianEvents Group 

See You Soon


  1. A very good initiative.

    Feedback is vital, what we think of what we are doing , and what others think of what we are doing, can be quite different.

    But I do offer a note of caution. Feedback is about what has been, success is about what we create now. Sometimes a leader, an innovator, has to take a chance, be counter intuitive, be ahead of the curve, to achieve the extraordinary.

    There is a paradox. Most businesses and people succeed because they do the simple things well, new ideas will always be at a premium. And although the old ways can seem routine, boring, uninspiring and staid, they can exist because they work. Deciding when to stick ,and when to twist, is not easy. Ask Kodak and Blockbuster…

    What I like about Lizian is that there is a vision, but there is also an opportunity to shape it for those involved.

  2. It is evident there is a well thought out and structured plan for the future of the events. It is impossible to believe the ‘evolution’ of this organisation is a random sequence of events. The quality of the video is a reflection of the quality of the planning and its message is clear and well defined. Anyone who is part of this unique evolution, will, in the longterm benefit from the design of this amazing organisation. Janine

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