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This week has been dedicated to the second stage of our plans for the future. It is one of connecting The Community to Community Visitors. The response was immediate, and we gained nine new people on the LizianEvents Group pages in one day.

You will see we have started to work on our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Already we are gaining new followers. There is no need for tens of thousands of followers, we need Community members who enjoy participating in our events and working with our social media presence.

There is a long way to go, and there is no let up in the promotion of our shows and infrastructure. The timescale before we see significant attention for this type of campaign is around three years. We are therefore at the halfway marker. After thirty-six months we will make another substantial investment in the future, and the process begins anew.

A significant aspect of the promotional activities is the number of new Community Members joining the shows. We have lost some people who feel we are not for them: this is expected and is part of the evolution. What is important is the demand for people to become Community Members is fantastic.

The Community list for Newark is superb. Visitors are guaranteed to enjoy their visits to this show. Of course, it is essential for all Community Members to share the posts on our social media sites. It is a commitment agreed to all who join The Community. Sadly there are a few who fail to fulfil this obligation. Although, the feeling is, as the shows grow in stature and recognition we will experience significant growth in interaction.

Reach For The Stars
Reach For The Stars

Coming back to the Twitter and Instagram streams some will notice that we have chosen to annotate the images. Maybe there are some of you who would like to use the pictures and worry about copyright. The answer is: do not worry about usage, copy and paste without concern. If you are promoting our Well Being Shows feel free to use whatever is available on our websites or social media platforms.

It is a Bank Holiday weekend, so the article is short. Enjoy Monday if you are not working and enjoy your work if it is the order of the day. Liz and I will be tapping the keys and preparing another reshow video. Every spare moment is now taken with the promotion of the Newark Well Being Show. Over the next two weeks, readers will learn about some of the new Community Members and the show itself.

See You Soon 



  1. You can only go from strength to strength. Foresight, determation and openess. Three ingrediants, one purpose. Everyone is a winner, no doubt about it – Janine

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