Jon and Liz travel to Newark and its surrounding area every week to promote the show. They have distributed thousands of flyers to businesses where the public buy services and goods.

For some this can be a difficult task, meeting and talking to strangers is not for everyone. Jon and Liz enjoy every moment of the promotion.

Listen to Jon talk about this work:


Liz and Jon Promotion
Liz and Jon Promotion

Liz Comments: “We get a real insight into people’s opinions about our objectives and the idea behind The Well Being Shows. I know our work is very much a public relations exercise, and it is important for people we meet to understand where we are taking the events”. 

Connecting with the local people is an integral part of our long-term strategy. Readers of our early articles will know we made a choice to promote Newark and Lincoln because of their close proximity to our base in Nottingham. As the strength and stature of the shows have a wider audience, we can expand our show list. Another venue may well be booked for 2020, and when the contracts are signed, we’ll be promoting from that moment onward.

Liz Continues: “I have no doubt we are making progress. I am surprised how many locals are aware of what we are achieving. We will not rest from our relentless marketing and promotion. My mission is for our Community, and their Well Being Shows to be known by as many people as possible. The shows, after all, are held at the Showgrounds of Newark and Lincoln, these are highly prestigious venues. Ian, Jon, Sue and myself see this as an indication of where we will take the shows”.

The choice is to use Social Media as our primary method of promotion. Although you have to keep up with the constant change of algorithms. Many just do not understand how they work. Of course, social media is not the only method of promotion, we have been reticent to use postal advertising, although, we have chosen to post out 1500 flyers over the last six weeks. It will be interesting to see if we get results from the post out.


Liz and Jon will step up the local promotions to the surrounding areas to two visits a week until the show. This will continue after the Newark Well Being Show as The Lincolnshire Show is only eight weeks later. So, the next target area is Lincoln.

The reader will now have a feeling for where we are taking the Well Being Organisation. We will strengthen the bond between The Community and Community Visitors. Incidentally, the format of LEN will slightly change over the coming weeks to help us with this objective. 

There are new videos on the media wall of our ☞LizianEvents dot com site. Have a look at the Community Members both old and new. You will also see new promotional videos which can be used by The Community Members and Community Visitors.


To all of you who make The Community a growing and significant aspect of finding Well Being. We thank you for your support and the time and investment you give to make our shows a brilliant experience.

See You Soon


  1. 1500 flyers diligently posted ( PHEW!!)… & constant social media interaction. One cannot miss LIZIAN EVENTS GREAT SHOWS & super promotion… Warm thanks Liz & Jon and Ian for your constant hard work ,benefiting our Community, and our Visitors! xx

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