During the Newark Well Being Show, I had the opportunity to talk to Peter Wall about the progress of his Academy of Hypnosis. He has enjoyed a keen interest in the courses he offers.

The first course is recognised as a brilliant success with students achieving high pass rates. They have learned how to become clinical hypnotists, and now their journey begins. Liz and I know two of the students who attended the course, and they have nothing but praise for the teacher and course content.

Hypnosis can be a full time or part time career. It can be an additional skill which can be used alongside therapies and complementary medicine. Hypnosis can be used to significant effect by salespersons and within many fields of business.


Peter’s courses will provide insight into the way people think and behave. So it takes you further than a career. Once the skills of linguistics and patterns of words are learned, the newly qualified hypnotist can use these ‘life assets’ in every aspect of their routine life.


If you are looking for new beginnings, new opportunities, ways to negotiate life and one’s work environment. Have a word with Peter and book his pre-course day. You may discover you’ll be able to reach your new horizons earlier than you anticipated.

Enjoy the interview – There are many insights into Peter Wall and his work in this audio interview:



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  1. Peter Wall’s talks and demos are always very interesting– he is so knowledgeable!
    So , his courses are bound to be ‘fa-bu-lous’ 🙂 Brigitte

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