I first met James at The Newark Well Being Show and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and character. He is enthusiastic about his work which is based on helping other people overcoming illness. James spent the whole weekend at The Newark Well Being Show. He is sure to become one of our most enthusiastic Community Members.

James spent some time with Chandu Solanki after their conversation Chandu asked ‘James is with us at Lincoln?’ my reply ‘Yes, Chandu’ ‘ That’s good, he is a nice man’, and Chandu knows all about healers.

Chandu and James : LizianEvents
Chandu and James : LizianEvents

James’s Words

After five years with Crohn’s disease, I had tried every natural therapy and healing protocol. There was no doubting I was still ill. As an indication of the extent of my condition, I endured unto 25 uncontrollable bloody bowel movements each day.

During a visit to Australia, I was introduced to a product called Fibremune aka Bowel Restore.  It is a premium blend of untreated organic nutrient and dense herbs that work synergistically to cleanse the body of parasites, heavy metals, toxins, candida and fungal overgrowths. At the same time giving the body the fibre, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs it requires to heal and seal the gut lining, and allow the bodies self-healing mechanisms to work. 

Amazingly the illness transformed me as a person. And the sickness took me on a journey which leads to me understanding the cause of Autoimmune conditions. Fibremune gave me my health back and gave me a purpose in life. I am living proof of how anyone can turn their lives around and reverse the effects and damage of a most horrific disease. 

From extensive research, my own l experience and working along with people I have already helped. I believe that 90% of illnesses can be traced back to toxicity in the body, so with the right information and lifestyle choices, we all can survive and thrive.

Not only can I talk with enthusiasm, but I also speak from a platform of anecdotal evidence about my illness and my return to health. My mission is to provide people with the information needed to turn their lives around. Life is to be enjoyed and should be full of happiness, health and wellness. I intend to help those who are experiencing the illness I once endured, and show them there is a way to return to health.

I was determined to bring this life-changing product into Europe, so I became an International Distributor. I know an incredible about of people will benefit, from the product and my knowledge. You see, I know the pain, the despair, the life-limiting aspects of this disease and I have to guide people to become well and enjoy a fantastic life.

Thank you,

Best regards – James


  1. Am so glad you regained your health James Coulston… And congratulations for wanting to help others who suffer from Crohn’s Disease. Such a cruel illness! Your guidance will be invaluable.

    So, you are most welcome to our Well Being Community. Just the right place for you to share your knowledge.
    Looking forward to meeting you at Lincoln 🙂 Brigitte

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