Over the next few weeks, we will be listening to interviews with Community Members. Anyone who is considering joining the growing number of Community should listen to the interviews. The only way to chose to work alongside The Community is to listen to what they have to say about their shows.

During the interviews, you can listen to insights about the organisation of The Well Being Shows. You will also glean ideas about how we evolve, and as we talk to Community Members and Visitors about the events, we make the choices based on Visitors and The Community’s suggestions.

You will also learn about The Community Member during the interview. You will discover some fantastic people make the Well Being Shows work. The Community’s commitment to their shows is growing. Yes, there is a long way to go. However, we continue to grow in strength and stature. Noting will prevent progress, nothing can stop people who unite with a positive, kind and common purpose.

Listen to the interviews over the coming weeks and decide if The Community’s Well Being Events will work for you. As a Visitor, you will surely learn about the people who make The Well Being Shows their own. And are making The Well Being Shows such a success.

Today I talk to Heather Pedley; she is well known for her work and often outspoken opinions. Heather is a person who has well defined spiritual values. All who know this brilliant creative artist respect her work and thoughts.

The Interview:


Heather is also a great writer, her book ☞“Through The Veil” is an excellent insight into spiritual connections and ideas. Talk to her during The Well Being Shows; you will discover a fascinating person of great intellect and kindness. 

See You Soon


  1. Do you want to get the feel of what you can enjoy at Newark and Lincoln Lizian WellBeing shows? Heather Pedley​ sums it up very sincerely in this interview.

    Potential new exhibitors, do have a go & join us at Lincoln! You will be AMAZED.

    A fabulously spacious venue , the warmest of welcome from all of us in the Community, and a chance to share your services with our numerous & very interested Visitors! 🙂

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