Today’s interview is with a very jovial Dave Harper. Dave is Simon Goodfellow’s partner, and he works tirelessly to promote Simon’s work and appearances. NO doubting Simon has a remarkable reputation as a medium. However, he knows Dave is an essential factor in his success.

Dave should never be underestimated: He is as sharp as any marketing specialist can be: He takes time to learn everything about social media and internet promotional campaigns. Not only this, he has no problem in sharing his knowledge with anyone who is interested. 

For example: when a student completes a course with Simon, Dave is there to help the student begin their journey to success. He feels it is essential for the students to understand if they wish to succeed in their chosen profession, they MUST follow the rules and methods needed to achieve. And he is there to help, even providing a course for those who have a real interest in future success.

I intend to help Community Members succeed. Some people will never grasp the importance of connecting directly with their clients. The contemporary method of success is ‘CONNECTION’. Clients and customers EXPECT visibility and information. 

Listen to Dave’s advise and hear this enthusiasm for Simon’s work. There are subtle lessons to be learned in this interview. If there is a desire to promote or find widespread recognition for your work, you’ll do no worse than listen to Dave’s opinion. After all, he can prove the methods he uses works. 

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Over the next few weeks, we will be listening to interviews with Community Members. Anyone who is considering joining the growing number of Community should listen to the conversations. The only way to chose to work alongside The Community is to listen to what they have to say about their shows.

During the interviews, you can listen to insights about the organisation of The Well Being Shows. You will also glean ideas about how we evolve, and as we talk to Community Members and Visitors about the events, we make the choices based on Visitors and The Community’s suggestions.

You will also learn about The Community Member during the interview. You will discover some fantastic people make the Well Being Shows work. The Community’s commitment to their shows is growing. Yes, there is a long way to go. However, we continue to grow in strength and stature. Noting will prevent progress, nothing can stop people who unite with a positive, kind and common purpose.

Listen to the interviews over the coming weeks and decide if The Community’s Well Being Events will work for you. As a Visitor, you will surely learn about the people who make The Well Being Shows their own.

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