Today we have a short and interesting Interview with Beverly Thorpe who is The Well Being Shows Magnetix specialist. I interviewed her at the Newark Well Being Show in September.  I spoke to her about the benefits of magnetic jewellery and it can help with pain and many other bodily ailments. Visitors to the events should spend some time with Beverley, she can offer interesting complementary therapies for many ailments.



Beverley is a great member of The Community: She shares our enthusiasm for promotion and long-term awareness of The Community’s work and objectives.

Enjoy the interview and you can meet Beverley at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show 3 and 4 of November.

See You There



  1. ‘Magnetix’ obviously provides a very wide range of products to help re-balance our bodies, humans and animals.
    Since we basically ARE electro-magnetic beings, I am not surprised that they can help.

    I look forward to having a chat with Beverley Thorpe, at November Lincoln Lizian Well Being show.
    And I am sure our Visitors will enjoy being enlightened too when they look at her intriguing stand. 🙂

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