Review Darren’s website, and you will discover empirical evidence of his ability and client base. After giving a presentation, he is asked time and again to return for further insights into his work. We cannot fail to be impressed by his catalogue of clients.

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During the Lincolnshire Well Being Show Darren will present his five thousand pounds per day “Two Advantages” seminar. Yes! This is the cost of Darren’s presentation to corporate clients. And he will present this same workshop for twenty pounds per attendee. This cost per attendee is solely to cover his weekend overheads.

Why is he doing this? 

Darren Comments:

“We have to give back, and we have to pass forward, we have to help others to succeed and prosper. I’m grateful for the prosperity gained from my work, and the major companies who employ me recognise the potentials of my seminars. During the seminars I teach about the power of passing forward, giving advantages to others. The advantages are the keys to opportunity”.

Consider the words you have just read:

What Darren is saying is this: he will present a workshop given to the peers of industry, government and universities. In this workshop, he will demonstrate the ways of thinking that can advantage us in everyday life situations. And he will present the seminar at a price which will cover his overheads for the day, and he seeks no profit from the workshop.

He comments:

“This seminar focusses on how to focus on the “Two Advantages” which enable every one of us, to find success and see opportunities. The “Two Advantages” I teach are the ones which have taken me from a policeman to Ted Talk, television psychologist, and national speaker working with peers of industry. If there are “Two Advantages” to success, they are Communication and Influence. My seminar covers why we MUST communicate with clarity and how to influence those we communicate with: And the “Two Advantages” can be used by anyone: from ANY sphere of life”.

What will you need?

“Bring a notebook and pen. I teach in a clear way which involves participation and interaction. Each part of the seminar builds upon the next: I’ll review each significant step before moving on to the next, and we’ll have a fifteen-minute break after the first hour so that no one will be ‘pushed’”.

Who is will benefit from “Two Advantages”?

“Everyone can use the ideas I offer. The ability to communicate is two way – We must be able to recognise the reactions and words other people use during a conversation. And this is key to influencing them to consider our point of view. For example, If you wish to influence a child to behave, or make changes within your family environment, the “Two Advantages” will help you attain these goals. Maybe you have a difficult work colleague, and the need is to make your work environment better and less stressful. Or there could be a weakness or lack of confidence which needs addressing. “The Two Advantages” are positive methods of negotiation to be used in any of these types of situations”.

The seminar will reward any of the attendees. Darren is an internationally recognised teacher and speaker. His generous offer is made because he wishes to ‘help people from all walks of life’. Darren knows that the successful understand the requirement to help people without material gain is essential to their success. 

Attendees can take advantage of this seminar for the ‘cover costs’ price of twenty pounds. You can be sure the workshop is the same as the one given to national institutions, peers of industry, educational establishments, government departments, media groups. It is a superb opportunity, not to be missed.

Sunday 4th November – 11:30 

☞Darren’s Website

☞Darren’s Wikipedia Entry

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  1. LUCKY Visitors at LINCOLN Well Being show. Your chance in a life time! International teacher & TV personality Darren’s LOW COST workshop gives you the same help as what he teaches to national institutions, peers of industry, educational establishments, government departments, media groups. READ below what you’ll discover to HELP YOUR home or working LIFE . Thank you Darren Stanton​ 🙂

    • I watched Darren during his Ted talk and he gained a ovation applause. This workshop is an amazing opportunity to learn some life-changing techniques. Thanks for your encouragement and support Brigitte xxx

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