Look around any of The Well Being Shows Social Media Streams, and you’ll see reposts and comments by Star Sharer – Brigitte Rix. No one shares as much as Brigitte on the Twitter feeds. And her combined sharing is a fantastic feat of dedication.

And Brigitte can teach us all a lesson! Not only does she repost the articles: Brigitte makes personal comments. And this is the difference which makes the difference. Brigitte demonstrates the way forward for The Well Being Shows. She knows the promotion works for everyone who attends the event. And Brigitte also acknowledges the need to promote between shows.

We proved the power of connection and promotion from the climb in Visitor numbers attending The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Do not doubt the contribution made by The Community’s star sharer’s. You can be sure the ‘Star Sharers’ attracted Visitors to the events.

We republish one of Brigitte’s most read articles (640+ reads) in tribute to her significant contribution to The Well Being Shows. If everyone followed her lead, the shows would be full:

Here is the introduction to Brigitte’s more read article:

It is always a pleasure to introduce Brigitte Rix – Brigitte is a superb writer and public speaker. She is well known and loved, her books are fountains of insight and knowledge. Brigitte is a Channelling author and all of her books are channelled from those in the After-life. It is worth finding time to talk to Brigitte, her approachable and genuine personality shines all day long. Listen to Brigitte’s insightful, inspiring and interactive talk at many of the LizianEvents Shows.

Hello & ‘Bonjour’.

I am Brigitte Rix, channelling Medium, Channelling Author and Public Speaker, hailed as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’.

How can I help YOU?
My aim is to answer your questions on the Afterlife …and on how / why we chose to come to Earth/ why Mankind is suffering / why Minds never die!

I feel much empathy with puzzled ‘seekers of Truth’ and bereaved people struggling to grasp why and where their loved ones have gone. I can help dispel fears and distorted views, and offer hope and a greater understanding (But NO ‘religion’ is promoted).

Why can I do this?
I have been communicating with those in the ‘Spirit’ World for some 36 years.

I love sharing the astounding, uplifting and detailed information I receive DIRECTLY from numerous Communicators in the ‘Spirit world’: Not only loved ones but also Advanced Masters and Beings living in even Higher Dimension—They asked me to channel their knowledge and publish it as books, to help and inform Mankind.

Interested audiences are a delight to me. In Sept. 2015, I was invited as one of the Conference Speakers and workshop tutors (alongside well-known personalities such as ‘Near Death experiencers’ Anita Moorjani & USA neuro-surgeon Eben Alexander) —- at the International Conference, run by FINDHORN Spiritual Community- Theme: ‘We Do Not Die’: Expanding Consciousness through Near-Death and other Mystical Experience.

How do I link to the Great Beyond?
When I ‘tune in’ to their fine frequencies, I am in an ‘altered state’ of mind focus, enabling me to hear clairaudiently and converse with various people in the Hereafter. At the same time, I obtain ‘telepathically-guided automatic writing’– i.e. ‘psycho-graphy: I hear the words ‘dictated’ at the very same time as my hand feels compelled to write them down at very high speed. I usually do not recall what has just been said by those Communicators. The dictation writes itself.

What are my Channelled BOOKS about?
At my Lizian Events display stand, and other MBS shows and public speaking events, I am pleased to sign and dedicate to you or your loved ones, any of the 5 (so far) channelled books I have published to date:

What is it like AFTER we die?
Revealed in: ‘I’m Not Dead: I’m Alive Without a Body’ series. (Vol.1 & 2)

This covers the first two volumes of the astonishing private DIARY charting 13 years of my verbatim, authentic conversations with several of my departed loved ones and my ‘Spirit Guide’. Its title stems from my own late mother’s comments, as she surprised me by suddenly contacting me of her own accord… just 26 hours after her passing! She marvelled at the wonders of still being alive and pain-free! She joked: “Everything you told me about the Afterlife is true! I played a dirty trick on myself to ‘die’ without warning myself”

Readers are eavesdropping on my private full-length, lively dialogues, as several other family members joined her -including my husband Dave, who on Earth was a non-believer in Spirit communication and my eldest brother who passed in tragic circumstances (suicide because of pain).

Those conversations reveal astonishing insights. answering the question: “What do we ‘do’ in the Afterlife?!”   Details such as:-

  • Using Thought Power to create your environment and travel;
  • Learning to project your mind to communicate with Earthlings;
  • Analysing your recent life and understand your weaknesses, as NO deity judges you!
  • Re-discovering who you have also been over centuries and the multi-facets of the ‘Real You’;
  • Enjoying the colours of music and the sounds of colours, etc.

Those uplifting revelations bring hope to the bereaved: only the body and its brain ‘die’- Not our everlasting, crystal clear mind. Not the love felt for those left on Earth. Our loved ones are only a thought away!

Find out WHY you … and the Universe, exist!
Explained in:
‘Truths, Lies & Distortions’ – and its sequel: ‘WORLDS BEYOND the ‘Spirit World’

I also received –and still do!  –several hundred pages of dictations on mind-blowing topics (and truths, distorted and kept hidden from people by authorities), telepathically and automatically written at full speed by Advanced Masters. They asked me to make ‘their’ books available to the public.

Their ground-breaking knowledge –merging the boundaries of Science with Spirituality- spearheads a new and more logical comprehension of:

*  How and why we and everything in our Universe exists as designed experiments, not accidents!

*  Why You chose to experience human-hood temporarily during various lives as different personalities;

* Why the ‘Spirit World’ frequency levels are actually only a small ‘airport’ transitional area, for Beings of Energy wishing to experience physical life as Humans on Earth;

* How YOU had originally first ever started to exist as the SPARK of CONSCIOUSNESS as a being of Pure Energy!

*  How Consciousness is within everything (even Plants) at various degrees of intensity;

* What ‘the Source’ is: that Eternal, Intelligent, Caring Consciousness, with a constant urge to express and manifest Itself in different ways, thus creating all types of matter and universes and ‘beings’!

This knowledge goes far beyond my own limited comprehension of current-day Quantum Physics and Electric Universe’ principles. This proves that this cutting-edge enlightenment is genuinely shared by beings from ‘The Beyond’! 

Their sequel to that series is very relevant to what goes on nowadays across our world. It is published as: ‘HELP the EARTH HELP YOU to survive imminent disasters’. (More details on my website).

I also appreciate groups, societies and Well Being/ MBS events inviting me as an Inspirational Teacher and Public Speaker. I tailor my interactive talks to each audience members’ queries, no matter the size.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Au revoir!

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?  You can read more info — and contact me — on my colourful website www.italkwithspirits.com

Thank You, Brigitte Rix:

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  1. OH… warm thanks! I am touched by your very kind words Ian (and Gary), and for the honour bestowed upon me! xxx B.

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