In ten weeks time, the first Nottingham Well Being Show of 2019 opens its doors:

Liz Clark MD of LizianEvents writes about the promotion of the Well Being Shows:

The Nottingham Show is a springboard for new Community Members and as Visitors know it is an extraordinary event. There is a constant demand by Community Members to be part of this event; the success is a reflection on how The Community has influenced their Visitors. And does this mean we will put up the poster and trust to past achievements? No way! We will promote this show with the same vigour as we have demonstrated over the last eighteen months. I have Ten thousand flyers printed and Jon, and I will be circulating them from next week onwards. All Community Members must be certain our policy of consistent promotion is here to stay, show after show, year after year. We are dedicated to the future of The Well Being Shows and the success of The Community.

Trowell Rainbow : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Trowell Rainbow – The Picture Say It All

Promotion Promotion Promotion

It is only ten weeks before the first Well Being Show of 2019 opens its doors. The Nottingham Show is a springboard for new Community Members and as Visitors know it is an extraordinary event. There is a constant demand for Community Members to be part of this event, a reflection on how The Community has influenced their Visitors. And does this mean we will put up the poster and trust to past achievements? No way! We will promote this show with the same vigour as we have demonstrated over the last eighteen months. I have Ten thousand flyers printed and Jon, and I will be circulating them from next week onwards.

Although the dust has hardly settled after the Lincolnshire Well Being Show two weeks ago, there’s no time for rest.  It’s a little over two months until the next show in the LizianEvents calendar, and the preparations are well underway.  The next show is also the first of the new year.  Here I am talking about the new year and you’re probably only just thinking of Christmas – that’s the way of the event organiser, always planning ahead and working on the next project.

Counters : LizianEvents : LizianEvents
Counters tell the story

Before I talk about promotions for next year, let us take a look back.  April 2017 we were approached and offered dates and venues that were booked for the remaining months of the year, after considering all the facts the two venues are chosen were Newark Showground and Lincolnshire Showground.  Why those two?  Consider Lizian are based in Nottingham, Newark and Lincolnshire Showground are within an hour’s drive away, easily accessible.  We had just 6 weeks before the first of the shows – at Lincolnshire Showground.  The first priority was to validate and verify the database we’d inherited, and combine with our own email contacts.  And then the promotion began in earnest – flyers printed and posted out to Lincolnshire Showground catchment area; literally, thousands of envelopes filled with flyers, address labels and stamps stuck on and dropped into the post box.  In addition to the posted media, we worked in earnest to create awareness of the event on all social media platforms and LizianEvents News came into being with daily posts.  

Promotion is key to all the shows, and that has meant targeted postal mail shots, email campaigns paid for promotions on social media and getting out and about handing out flyers and posters in the surrounding areas of the venues.  The amount of time invested in promoting the shows runs into hundreds of hours, hundreds upon hundreds of pounds paid in postage – following the first round of postal flyers and the stamp sticking it was decided to do the job properly with a Franking Machine and thousands of flyers and posters were printed.  

Something is obviously working as show on show numbers of visitors steadily increased, and it is clear from the prize draw entries that at each show we are attracting new visitors.  This is a significant marker – attracting new visitors to the shows is the objective.  

Although we’ve always distributed flyers prior to shows, this year we’ve upped the pace, and for the past eight months Jon and myself have spent two days every week promoting all of the shows by getting out and about in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, armed with flyers and posters, walking miles, meeting many people, talking to people about all things associated with becoming a Well Being.  Rain and shine, we’ve been out there, promoting and planning.  And each show, we’re seeing more new faces – introducing visitors to our dedicated Community Members and their products, services.

Liz and Jon : LizianEvents : LizianEvents
Liz and Jon – No let up with promotion

At the last Newark and Lincolnshire events, we conducted a visitor poll – Visitors were given a blue counter when they entered and asked to put it into the pot which described how they knew about the show:

1 Previous Show

2 Social Media / Email bulletins / Internet 

3 By Post

4 Picking up flyers / Seeing the Banners

5 Told by a Friend 

All were happy to do this and at the end of each show we counted up the tokens. 

Both events produced the same results:  the top two were ‘Previous Show’ and ‘Social Media’

‘By Post’ had just 9 tokens at Newark and only 4 at Lincoln 

Bearing in mind that we had a little over 800 visitors at Lincoln, I think you’ll agree that 4 people attending due to postal communication is an very expensive exercise.  To this end, we have decided to scrap postal mail shots, concentrating our efforts on distributing flyers, social media, email bulletins, and the internet.  The financial savings made on postage will be ploughed into paid for promotions across social media platforms, and website growth.

Our Community Members play a key role in the promoting of all shows, as they share posts, in turn raising awareness and benefiting the whole community.

Liz and Jon : LizianEvents : LizianEvents
Liz and Jon always a smile

We are committed to continued growth, rest assured we’re immensely pleased with the success of this year’s events and the achievements of the whole Community and will continue to work towards greater success for all in the coming year.  

Many Thanks For Reading My Article:

Liz Clark – Organiser of LizianEvents

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  1. Another good piece.

    One of my many sayings is, “The voice of the people is the voice of God”, and I was pleased to see your survey about where people were hearing about the shows from. What we may think is happening, and what is actually happening, can be quite different – although I was not surprised by the results. Mail shots and letter box drops have become blunt instruments. MBS/ Well Being Shows are niche events, it is easy to waste a lot of effort unproductively.

    Having said that, targeted leafletting still has a place. B&B’s and Hotels will always have visitors unfamiliar with the area who may have a daytime, or afternoon, to kill. Beauty Salons, Spas and hairdressers will always have women who are potential customers. A significant opportunity exists in this regard.

    I do think that an opportunity also exists at Lincoln, Nottingham, and Trent Uni’s and Newark College who severally offer complimentary medicine, fashion, nutrition, and beauty courses. All might welcome the opportunity to exhibit, to both provide a platform for their students, and promote their courses, furthermore, offering them complimentary tickets would boost footfall for fellow students and provide a fresh demographic.

  2. Excellent piece and for me reading this a snapshot of what goes into being a promoter. It is amazing to think of my own progress alongside you guys from 2017 to now, it is only going to expand so as I usually do guys and gals get those fingers working on the keyboard chuck around a like or an emoji, share one another’s work and let us all get behind the promoters. I used to think it was a tired cliche but feel it is an appropriate thing to put out today, teamwork makes the dream work.

  3. Exactly! I’ve always been in awe of the several thousands of hours Liz & Ian have put in this promotion work, without getting a penny for it, yet with strong & sturdy dedication… in spite of sneaky whispers behind their backs at the beginning… Now glowing results are showing, as they predicted…

    Lizian events is growing from strength to strength.
    Promotion and Innovative ideas are showing it’s the ‘winning way’.
    The least we can do as ‘The Community’ is to make the effort to daily put a few words out and share right, left & centre!

    If you live within reach of Nottingham, you’ve only got 10 weeks to also encourage all your acquaintances and shopkeepers to attend the DELIGHTFUL Trowell Event…And attend it yourself!

    Liz, Ian & Team are not exhausting themselves for their own gain, but FOR YOU.
    So, please let’s see more publicity sprouting on ALL the social media pages.
    Getting even stronger FROM JANUARY to make sure Visitors put Trowell Nottingham in their diaries!
    Thank you! X

  4. Anyone who does not admire and recognise your dedication to success is living in ‘another world’. What you have achieved in two years is more than most businesses achieve in five (or more). I have a feeling your organisation will become recognised as a innovator of the highest degree. Many will try to copy you LizianEvents, they should tread with care, this type of determination is not for the weak-hearted. Thank You – Janine.

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