We are coming to an end of the present series of articles focussed on The Community’s prolific sharers and carers. The series will continue in the near future: however, there are many articles awaiting publication, so, time for a change.

There is always a healthy demand for spiritual counsellors from Visitors to the shows. And we encourage new counsellors whenever the opportunity arises. Also, Visitors enjoy meeting and interacting with new Community Members: we were certain Heather Wood would become an asset as a Community Member and Heather has exceeded all expectations.

As with all Community members who are part of this series of articles Heather is a prolific supporter of The Well Being Shows. Not a day passes when Heather fails to like, share and become involved in the daily Group, Page and LEN posts.

We must come to recognise the importance of this interaction between shows. The consistent, sharing and interaction is the ‘difference which makes the difference’. The Well Being shows and Community Members owe a gold mine of gratitude to everyone who watches, reads and shares their work and endeavours.

Heather Wood is one of the amazing people who ‘see the picture’ and recognise the value of what is happening with this growing Community-Based Organisation. The interest in The Community Shows is consistently strong, the growth is substantial: and the realisation of the benefits of being part of The Community is beginning to dawn on many joining Community Members. It is not unusual to receive enquiries from people we have never met or have no previous knowledge. This has to be a sign of the progress of The Well Being Shows.

Heather’s short introduction to The Well Being Shows is a guide to her persona of calm and clarity. Heather, The Community is indebted for your support of The Well Being Shows.

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Heather Wood

Thank You Heather Wood:

Hi, my name is Heather, and I am a spiritual medium although I am never sure how best to describe what I do as I also use my intuitive and psychic skills to give a holistic reading, not only looking at what the future may hold but looking at a person’s characteristics and personality. These are then used to determine strengths and areas that may need a little extra care and attention. I aim to use guidance on how to develop these areas and restore calm and balance should it be necessary while giving clarity and comfort.

Working with the Tarot and Energy Oracle Cards in additional to using ribbons allows me to communicate with both my own and the other person’s guides. I am a natural empath, and often I will receive information about a person or their loved ones before they even sit down.

I consider it an honour and a privilege to have been chosen by spirit to share information, love and guidance with those who come for a reading with me and my aim is for them to leave feeling that they have had a positive and enlightening experience.


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  1. Heather is a delight to know. It can often be easier to ascertain the measure of someone from simply chatting with them. I never ease to be impressed by Heather as she talks about her work and her experiences amongst the community. Unsurprisingly the feedback from hr clients is uniformly complimentary.

  2. Lovely Heather is an asset to our Lizian Community .
    Her caring and compassionate gifts are a beacon helping those in need out of their tunnel of uncertainty.
    Thank you for being you and for all that you do, Heather .

  3. The series of essays centred on the community shows how much you respect the people who interact with your media. You have built a unique ‘place’ of information. Few should doubt the long term impact this site and your efforts will have on hundreds if not thousands of people. Nothing to touch you – Janine

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