During the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, I interviewed many of The Community Members. The interviews are focused on their ethics business and products.

We begin with a short and fascinating conversation with Amanda Attenborough one half of the retail business known as Soul Sisters the other is Sharon Cobham. Listeners to this interview will discover there is more to the stock they see than an email to a wholesaler:

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Visitors to The Well Being Shows should always spend a few minutes talking to either Amanda or Sharon. There is something exceptional about learning about the ethical nature of the items you purchase. Sharon and Amanda ensure their suppliers receive a fair price for their stock and this ethos is reflected in the prices asked for the items on sale. 

The Interview:


Souls Sisters demonstrate how to trade profitably while ensuring suppliers and customers return time and again. Sharon and Amanda are indeed assets to The Well Being Shows. Thank you for being part of this thriving and growing community.

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  1. Interesting interview. I enjoy short interviews and essays. Amanda seems to be a principled and fair-minded person, it is not surprising her business is successful. Thank You – Janine

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