‘What is a Well Being?’

To become a Well Being one first has to establish a centre of excellence in the mind. In this centre of excellence a formula is discovered which creates a purpose. This purpose, when understood, enables the individual to live a successful and fruitful life. 

The centre of excellence will understand the purpose once the meaning is discovered. After this possibility of fulfilling the objective of becoming a Well Being can begin.

How do we consider the purpose?

Imagine you are entering your final sleep. A child asks ‘How should I live my life: what should I understand?’ Think about this for a moment and answer the child’s question. The answer is your life purpose or the reason for life. Those who exist opposite to this purpose are living a lie.

An answer?

“Be free of debt. Owe nothing. Own your home. Love family and friends. Enjoy work, even if the toil is hard and at times unrewarding”.

There are also ideas which may help our lives become easier: Ideas which allow us to exist within calm and happiness: These are part of the answer:

In life:

There will be hurdles.
Many will not like us.
We will enter into disagreements.
We will encounter unfairness.
There will be an injustice.
People have fixed and opposing ideas to our own.
There will be suffering.

This writer accepts these realities are part of life. The facts are recognised and not fought against, because, it is easier to follow the flow of life: than swim against the current which inevitably takes us to the final sleep. When effort is wasted trying to change the issues we cannot change: or when we cannot accept many are more intelligent, more driven, wealthier, accumulate more (and the list is endless) we are wasting our life; we swim for against the current. In truth, the current always wins.

Those who work to become a Well Being know and accept, health, happiness, security, learning and love is key to success. These words are the answers to living a fulfilling life. And those who know and follow their purpose, discover doors of opportunity open when doors of setbacks close. The words: acceptance, happiness, security, love and learning are the catalysts that turn thoughts into action.

How So?

These are driving forces:

Accepting every aspect of life ‘good or bad”
The objective of thinking should be happiness
Security is the objective of work.
Love free’s us from unhappiness.
Learning is key to wisdom.
We can motivate thoughts into actions.

“Accept happiness, security, love and learning are keys to wisdom”

To become a Well Being nurture a desire to seek and search for all aspects of a situation, issue or suggestion. Never be bound by closed-minded thinking. For example, Our civilisation provides us with avenues of prosperity or alleys of poverty. Those who seek to become a Well Being work with care to discover the facts of each situation. Facts overwhelm supposition every time. Do you choose avenues or alleys?

This is not to comment; beliefs should not be dismissed. We can believe in a child even though he breaks the law. We can believe in a regime although it is doomed to fail. We can believe in our friends even though they are failures and frauds. This is known as free will: Think of free will in this way: All humankind can think and say as they like: Whether they be right or wrong in our minds, they were right and rich in their own. During conflicting situations consider the river of life guides us not to resist and fight against others beliefs or the inevitable.

To be a Well Being can be complicated, fighting demons and attempting to override bad habits are part of the journey. The devil within needs nurturing and persuasion to see the havoc and self-destruction it causes. The devil cannot be bullied into submission, as it is stronger and faster and more agile than your conscious thoughts.

It is said by some ‘Nothing good is easy to attain’ I disagree: a smile, a laugh, a pleasure, a gift is an easier action than a fight, an unkindness, malicious gossip, selfishness. 

Actions which are right are comfortable and leave a long-lasting good impression. Acts that are wrong leave a long-lasting poor impression, and it is hard work or an impossibility to overcome an act of unkindness. Live in the right you are in the light and visible. Live in the wrong, and you cast a shadow of darkness over those you influence. This shadow may have influence or control for a time, in the long term, it leaves a barren land where nothing of benefit can grow.

There will be many who read this and disagree. They may think to themselves ‘This writer is a fraud, he has caused ME pain and discord’. And of course, this will be true, it is inevitable: we all cast shadows over someone’s life on the journey along the river. There is little we can do to change the feelings of another once the shadow is cast. That is the way of life, accept this truth: It is not one of uncaring, it is one of reality.

Am I sorry I have caused pain in the heart of another? Of course, I am, even if I were to be right and the perception is wrong, my conscience still reminds me to be more aware of my actions in the future.

To become a Well Being is a purpose in itself. Being a Well Being encompasses material, intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative ideas. It is based on moral and ethical concepts. Good lessons are discovered in learning to understand why something went wrong or caused grief or destruction. And once understood the lesson is not to repeat the same mistake. 

Valuable lessons are learned when seeking others opinions, ideas, ways, methods. We may not agree or even like the messages. However, the fact we can take our mind away from fixed and ingrained ideas means we exercise and strengthen it: in the same way the athlete strengthens her muscles by pushing them beyond the limits.

There is no expectation of agreement from those who read this article. Other opinions as to the meaning of Well Being are most welcome. 

The purpose of The Well Being Shows is enlightenment. They demonstrate the potential of people with differing opinions and ideas working together. Imagine ten’s of people working in harmony to a common purpose. Why imagine? The idea is happening, the depth and breadth of attending Community are growing every week. The Well Being Shows are thriving they are a reflection of how to become a Well Being.

See You Soon


  1. I like your ‘driving forces’ Ian- and both your wise words and those on the book displayed as your background page 🙂
    Your thinking is always clear and your motivation sincere.
    FOOD for THOUGHT as always. xx Brigitte

  2. I believe that Lizian’s crafting and evolution of the Well Being concept is shrewd. The question of “What is (a )Well Being?” strikes at the core of what we all do.

    For me Well Being is about asking questions, and constantly being aware of what we don’t know, rather than being complacent about what we do know. It is about being quick to praise, and slow to judge. It is about being restless in a quest for knowledge, yet content with what we already have.

    The Lincoln shift to Well Being was like opening Pandora’s Box, once done, there is no turning back. I am hugely impressed by Lizian’s commitment to talking to show visitors. How did they hear about the event? Why did they come? What was their favourite, and least favourite, aspect of the show? How long did they stay? How much money did they expect to spend?

    Yet that is only part of the picture. Why did people NOT come? Some aspects which might be attracting some might be turning away others in greater numbers.

    The show organiser’s skill is about anticipating what people will like, before they know it, as much as giving people what they want. That is leadership.

    A fundamental question is what drives people to attend these shows in 2018/19? You can buy crystals on the internet and from Matalan as cheaply as any stallholder can afford to sell them. You can have skype readings, or speak to a medium on Sky. I believe that the answer is wrapped up in Ian’s Well Being question. It is personal experience.

    You cannot experience the skill of Paul Reynolds’ or Tamra Butler’s therapies treatments unless you are physically there with them. India Jo has a meticulously crafted reading experience. You can feel the pulse of Katt Lawrence’s hand painted drums. But you have to be there.

    The quest for well being has impacted upon what people are looking for from Readings, and shifting it too. The demand is for empathy and counselling as much as the traditional connection across the Divide. That affects what Well Being shows need to offer.

    The question has a political dimension too being played out in this country and America. Trump’s America is about self -interest, a country behind a wall. Brexit Britain is about looking inwards, not outwards. About what “taking back control” might mean. Where does the individual fit into all of this? I think that more and more people will be asking what well-being is in the years to come.

  3. As I have posted on facebook this article resonates with me and is alongside my way of thinking it is just more eloquently put, really good read. Looking forward to the continuing evolution into 2019 and beyond.

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