During the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, I had an opportunity to talk briefly to Trudy Randall of OldPain2Go. During the interview, clear-voiced and informative Trudy spoke about OldPain2Go success and future. This is a brief interview which will interest anyone who suffers from pain: Not because the information is about the process of OldPain2Go, the discussion informs of the worldwide success of the therapy. There are now over 750 Practitioners World-Wide!

Trudy and Steven 750 Practitioners : LizianEvents
Trudy and Steven 750 Practitioners

When looking at an evolutionary idea, we should consider how many people support or give testimonials. With OldPain2Go we not only read the appraisals, we see many people wish to learn the technique. If evidence is needed to support Trudy’s information: The testimonials prove the point. There can be few alternative therapies which have received such support, interest and following.

750 Practitoners : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
750 Practitioners

Listen to the interview:


If you are interested in the OldPain2Go: Steven Blake, the creator of OldPain2Go talks about the concept and process in the fascinating video below:

☞OldPain2Go Website

Thank you, Trudy, for taking the time to talk to me during the Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

See You Soon

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