Healing the Soul – What amazing creations we are. We are varying forms of matter travelling through time and space, we manifest in different shapes, sizes and colours as growing, evolving human beings and we are connected by the energy both within us and around us.

We have been given the gift of life, an experience that is relatively short lived and we make of it what we will. We greet the world with our senses, feel the warmth of our parents, smell and hear what is around us, taste the first milky taste and begin to focus on the sights which meet our eyes.

We have some control, our physical body reacts to danger, we can grasp, cry and our organs work in time with our heart beat without us even thinking about it. How amazing is that?

There are no thoughts in our head, just a reaction to that which touches our senses and we react to those touches. A loud bang causes us to startle and may be even cry, this in turn causes a reaction, most of the time we are soothed and cuddled but sometimes we are shouted at…… or much worse may even happen.

The foundations are beginning to be laid, this is called our memory, imprints of life begin to shape our existence. Just imagine how all those different things impacting on our senses and shape us. If we were a prince or princess what might our life experience be? Alternatively, if we begin to evolve in a war-torn country, such worlds apart, there would be so many influences, so many differences shaping us, giving us an unbelievably different life experience. So hard to imagine being in the skin of that other person’s body, such different experiences causing different reactions and laying down such dramatically different life memory foundations.

We are feeling human beings, we feel with our senses, when we feel we react, this is an action which in turn gets a reaction. Remember our first action to danger is to grasp or cry but with the foundations of life experience being laid down at a very fast pace and at the same time we are growing or developing, our reactions change. Children learn behaviour responses, initially to keep them safe but they become distorted or inappropriate depending on what has touched their senses.

Memory is a funny thing, it’s not tangible and quite frankly it sometimes has a will of its own. Memory becomes complex, it’s not always in our conscious control, we enter dreamworld every night and often dreamworld gets muddled with reality. Our thoughts are not always in our conscious control in waking time either, memory fades or becomes more vivid, this then becomes perception, that which we believe to be true but is not a true reality, our “feeling” towards it has become distorted over the times when layer upon layer of memory is being laid.

So, if memory isn’t tangible, we can change it can’t we? For example, that message as a child may be “you’re rubbish at maths” may lay the foundation which forms a belief and conditions you as an adult to stay away from anything maths related. The truth is with more effective learning at a different stage you could quite easily become brilliant at maths. Just a thought, it is possible to take conscious control.

Phew how do we cope with so many memories & so many thoughts and experiences? Who can remember their very first memory? I wonder how real it is. How did it feel then and how do you react to it now?

Our coping mechanisms evolve in a number of ways, sometimes it become our fight or flight response, some people will hit back some will recoil and some will be somewhere in the middle.

Another coping or protection strategy involves “Logic”. This happens when our brain is under our conscious control. We make sense of things logically, it’s our brains way of explaining things and it protects us BUT it often bypasses our heart, our inner feeling centre. Logic works with learned memories and behaviour patterns, “I’m not doing X because when I do Y happens and so on. Unfortunately, it is not always us who are our own teachers, behaviour is taught by others and we act upon what we have been taught and believe it is right. That’s ok for children to an extent but as adults we have the gift of free will and that’s not always as easy to listen too or act upon.

So, if as children we have learned behaviours and actions that we should take, how do we access free will? Of course, we have to have some rules and behaviour patterns in order to live alongside each other in a respectful manner but we begin to forget what’s right and wrong for us.

My Shamanic training taught me to listen with HEART, to do that to some extent we have to go back to child. We have to feel with our senses, be in nature and experience what’s around us, play as adults and explore with open mind, learn to listen to our heart, it will tell us if something is right or wrong.

The bigger picture is that we are not alone on this world, we share it with other amazing creations who are living energetically just like us. What is right and wrong is not just for us alone but for all other living things on this planet. That does not just mean animals, it is the trees, plants, mountains, stones, crystals all that grows, the rivers and ocean that ebb and flow.

Wow that makes us mighty responsible if we are to take right action. We are a very small part of a very big picture and we can’t possibly put everything right that goes wrong but we can be responsible for our own actions. Thought however comes before action.

Remember every action has a reaction and actions matter far more than words:

We can not put the clock back so wishing this had or had not happened or that we had not done this or that, is of no consequence, it’s done & gone forever. What another great gift we have been given though. We may be controlled by rules, regulations, oppressive relationships, hateful bosses, etc etc, externally but our thoughts are our own, that’s a gift we have been given which is often overlooked.

Our thoughts are powerful, it has been proved a placebo works, how cool is that? If we put our mind to it, we can even heal ourselves without medication. Incidentally we have been conditioned to believe there are medical powers far greater than our own which will heal us because medication is a big business and it makes money. Ok sometimes we need a bit of help but there are so many things we can do for ourselves by changing our thoughts, beliefs, actions and perceptions.

Reality is what we create, it is not tangible! It’s not fixed! Reality is an energetic flow between humans which manifest and creates a perceived reality. Human reality often excludes other living things and does not consider them as equal and yet they are not different they are another energetic form in a different guise or cover. How can we evolve on one single planet as disconnected beings from all others if we are all basically the same as all other energetic beings?

I class myself as a reader, when I read for you, I read through the layers of memories, beliefs, perceptions and rules you have acquired over your lifetime. I look into our heart and soul to see the real you. The therapies I work with, be it tarot cards, counselling, past life regression, shamanic healing or drum, all take you to other realms where you can begin your new journey, stand in your own energetic power and shake off the shackles of restrictive, outdated, unrealistic, belief patterns. Energy can be “read” it is different to reading words. We feel it with a sense which is over looked. The SIXTH sense.

I make not false promises; I do not pretend to bring false messages because you are the strongest of all. You and you alone are your own healer and life shaper. You can shape the life you know deep in your heart is true for you, just sometimes you get lost amongst the layers which have become your reality.

I cannot heal your wounds; they are the gifts you have been given to help you grow. I can help you see; I can support and value your journey, I can give you unconditional love, positive regard, I will not criticise or judge you. I will not make things easy for you because life will always bring its ups and downs but

I will help you see a way forward:

I invite you to walk your own path, stand in your own power and live the life your soul is destined to have. You are your own healer. A reader or healer, no matter what therapy they work with is a placebo that gets you back to your heart centre or your soul. There is no magic wand, the magic is self-love & self-acceptance.

Rose Best

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