Newstead Update – I am overwhelmed by the response to Sunday’s announcement of the new Inspirational Well Being Show venue. Within twenty-four hours the show is almost full, we have to fulfil our commitment to a fair balance of Community Members attending. The first reply form came in at 00:17: two minutes after the announcement.

This Grade One listed building is fantastic and will attract regular visitors. Not only this, Newstead Well Being Show is open to people visiting the grounds and house during the weekend. This means there will be the advantage of extra footfall on both days. Attending Community Members are advised to bring as much self-promotion as possible to this venue. The possibility of attracting ‘after the show’ customers is superb during this weekend.

Newstead Abbey Two: LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being Show. WellbeingWith this in mind: if you offer repeat retail products such as complementary medicine, oils, slimming and health products this show will work well. In the same way, ongoing retail businesses and therapy businesses should enjoy the advantage of new and diverse Visitors.

The attraction of the building fits well with the blend of therapy, retail and readers. The Orangery and Cloisters filled with Community Members will be an excellent Visitor experience and there is ample opportunity and space for conversation and interactions.

Remember this is a Grade One Listed building. Therefore there are limitations: very few electrical points: and NO food or drink is allowed in the working areas. This is an absolute stipulation of the contract to protect the fabric of the building: Do not worry! The restaurant has an excellent range of food and drinks available.

Newstead Abbey One: LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being Show. WellbeingThe talk rooms are accessed by stairs on the first floor, a short walk away from the Orangery and Cloisters: We will provide Visitors with the usual high-quality itinerary over the weekend. I’m hoping for a thirty-plus schedule, more than enough to satisfy our Visitors appetite for information about The Community’s work.

Visitors can also enjoy a tour of the house. They can use their show wristband to receive a generous concession on the admission price. In the same way, house visitors can enter into the Inspirational Well Being Show without charge. This reciprocal agreement can only benefit attending Community.

Cloisters. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being Show. WellbeingThe carpark charge is six pounds for a day. With ‘FREE entry’ to the show remember when four people travel in the vehicle entry to the show works out at one pound fifty pence each. And as many people go together, this is not seen as a problem.

We have more than made up for the limitations in the price charged for the stalls, it is not excessive, and the venue is bound to become a real winner and popular with Visitors and Community Members.

This addition brings our venue number to four, and next year we will have a catalogue of eight incredible Inspirational Well Being Shows and one Mind Body and Spirit Show. Best of all we have an astonishing Community of people ready to give our Visitors the most excellent of Well Being Experience.

See You Soon


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