Changes to the mobile site: You may have noticed a change in the format of the mobile website. The reason for the changes is the speed of information: quality and clearer user experiance.

Visitors can see a long and impressive list of articles which are proving to be immensely popular. We now have regular and daily readers from as near as Nottingham and as far as China. Watching the World wake up through the statistic information is fascinating.

We will continue to make changes to keep up with the changes and demand for information about the Inspirational Well Being Shows.

There are a few changes to be made: one is with reservation. This decision is to close the ‘classified’ page. The fact is hardly anyone uses it, and we can utilise the page link to better advantage. The Thriving Directory (with over 80 connections) will continue,

A new page comes online on the twentieth of May: It will be an updated Community List. The new list on the ‘desktop’ page is favourite and used by visitors. They select the name of interest and type it into the search box. This gives them all the relevant information we have on the Community Member selected.

We have a policy of preventing ‘fishers’ from taking information from our media presence. Our feeling is we must protect The Community from unsolicited emails and contact. An aggravating aspect of the internet is the growing number of people attempting to gain information from legitimate sites. We have seen an increase in fishing on our own. We have two filters which capture hundreds of threats every month. Data is safe on our site.

This short post not only welcomes the new mobile-friendly LEN. It also demonstrates the constant reevaluation of our presence on the internet and social media. Our LizianEvents Group is assessed once each week, and we remove members who are not active. The demand to join is increasing, and we do not ‘just add’ members. Most present members have asked to join. And this is a welcome indication of the dynamic nature of The Inspirational WellBeing Shows.

Saturday’s article is an in-depth appraisal of why The Inspirational Well Being Shows are growing. We have a long way to achieve new objectives. You can be sure our dedication and constant evolution will not cease. We will step up the internet and social media presence for the remainder of the year. Changes such as this announcement will become commonplace.

So enjoy the change: The speed and connectivity of LEN Mobile is a significant new development. It is only one of many to be revealed.

See You Soon

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