Tough – It has to be the way. And it is sad, unfortunate indeed. Small shows are struggling to find exhibitors and having to close the doors. Some would say too many events dilutes the footfall. To some degree they are correct. Different schools of thought fog the issue. Are the one show a year monsters preferable to smaller and regular events? Or do the small and intimate event have greater appeal? Weighing up the reality and writing out the cheque is the way most discover the answer. This article is not about what and who is better: It is about our organisation and reinforces our methods and thoughts, and it is tough.

Lady Eastwood Centre. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being. Well Being
Lady Eastwood Centre – Newark Venue 2020

Reality Check:

The inevitable consequence of too many shows countrywide means the closing of doors. And this, to my mind is a shame. And of course our shows are part of the equation. Exhibitors need shows and events to promote their work and gifts. And small shows ARE the way to begin. Before we endorsed our self-imposed embargo on visiting other organisers events. We loved walking the floor at other shows.

The reality is: promotion is expensive and hard to make effective. The tides are changing, and unless exhibitors accept their part in advertising, they will be whistling for venues. The inference here is share and you’ll have more hope ion the show attending will be a success. I recently spoke to a potential Community Member. I talked about the need to contribute and mutually share. His reply was to tell me where Liz and I were ‘going wrong’. I asked him about his business and track record: No need to go further; you know the answer already.

And who has space or time for the know-all? Very few: Do you know why? Because winners have no interest in anyone other than winners. I’ve never known a successful know-all: Not a one. In this article, you’ll find the reason why we thrive on transparency. None can doubt the intention or objectives of the organisation. The purpose is to connect as many Visitors as possible to The Community. Another goal is organising a series of superb shows, attended by a brilliant Community presence.

Most businesses start from a small beginning; the road is not easy. Campbell tells me Crystal Carol’s success is a twenty-five-year journey. LizianShop is fifteen years of dedication. Helen informs her success is a one-hundred-year accumulation of customers and knowledge. These examples of dedication prove the point. However, the contemporary way of business asks, no, demands interaction, sharing and connections. There is ‘strength in numbers’ the larger the number, the more attraction and awareness.

Commitment and Dedication:

Following the pathway to success has to be relentless and without deviation from the objective. Focussing the lens in the right area is essential. Set some parameters for example: Forget what others are doing, don’t make comparisons. And above all do not criticise anything: It is a mindset which infiltrates every action: Work decisive, and you will see positive results. Think contrary and find fault and you’ll follow a path to failure. Spending hours looking at others and picking out their errors will breed the worm of failure which infiltrates every thought.

Darren Stanton tell’s me:

“Psychologically Ian: when people use negative filters, they invariably think and act with negative mindsets. In other words they caught failure, not only in the lives and acts of others; but the negative filters become the way they think, therefore destroying their probably of success”

Part of success is constant reappraisal and understanding of financial figures. One has to look at the statistics and face reality. At the beginning look to cover overheads and later pay a living wage. This can continue for years before seeing a healthy bank account and work without credit. During this time we build contacts and reputation. Without commitment, the business will not work in the long term.

Jubilee Conference Centre : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being
Jubilee Conference Centre – Nottingham Venue 2019

My appearance on Darren’s Facebook live last week received many comments. Some good and thankfully some harsh words, and that’s fine by me. I’m impervious to words and criticism. One (of my) comments was: “If you think about doing something and then fail to action it: something (emotional) inside dies”. The second comment was about commitments and working two or more jobs along with your dream to make it a success. Some people didn’t see this as reality: their choice and mindset is not mine.

What Are Our Objectives?

The objectives are securing excellent venues: and providing Community Members with three-hundred and sixty-five days of promotion. We keep going loving the perfect storm. We thrive on adversity and hurdles. We are dedicated to making The Well Being Shows well respected and loved. These are our objectives they are written in our notebooks.

We are not a charity or freeloaders paradise. I’ll point out the fact LizianEvents is a thriving and profitable business because it gives those, who place their faith in our business practice long term security. The point is our efforts are seven days a week promotion: we do not rely on Facebook and the overrated Instagram. Our Twitter feed is used daily and is making headways, but it is a long journey, and we see reality, not false hope. Emails, flyers, business cards, posters continuous tapping keys and gallons of the printers ink. These are the keys used to open the doors to the future.

Many of the Community now see the incredible potential of what is being created. The winner takes advantage of the opportunity and shouts from the highest top “Here I am – Look and me – Come see what I have to offer”. Winner encourages, supports and promotes fellow friends. On the other side of the coin, consider, no one likes a moaner, griper or UNDERMINER. Everyone loves the supporter, carer and promoter. The loser gripes, moans and finds fault: No they actively look for weakness and what is the result? You know the answer.

We know nothing other than organisation and continuous promotion:

The work is none stop; it must be this way. So long as we inform and people understand the idea, we will grow. Firing up a website and throwing out a few flyers in not our way. Every investment made today will become tomorrow’s successes. Nothing is new, nothing, however, all which works is used. All which fails is discarded. 

Here Is An Explanation:

Consider spiritual values and contemporary gurus. There is not one book written in the last fifty years which does not follow the teaching of century-old masters. The success of books is due to publishers and promotion. No well-known writer can succeed without the publisher. Success is based on platforms of strength and connections.

We have invented nothing. We extend the time and effort involved in organising The Inspirational Well Being Events. Consider the teachings of Vernon Howard, he wrote about ‘The Now’ in the forties. He also wrote the most powerful anecdotes about expanding horizons. Success is achieved by nurturing the seeds of an idea. The idea can be formed five, ten, fifteen years before. There is no ‘moment’ in this work: the success comes from unifying people and providing them with the opportunity to thrive. Our work focusses on the words, nurturing, sharing, and transparency.

We understand one act is nothing compared to the whole play. On actor cannot enjoy success without the theatre, the director, the staff. The production company is key to the actors future. One step at a time and the rights of passage are essential to understand.

If the thought is “well success will just happen” think again. Success only comes before work in one place, and that is the dictionary. This organisation’s work is to offer the opportunity to be part of ‘Strength in Numbers’. We offer security, excellent venues and a growing audience. Yes, a relentless determination means facing harsh reality, hard facts and being tough and strong. There is no sitting back thinking: “everything will be good. Because we have done enough”.

Our loyalty must be with The Community:

When walking the floor during The Community’s Well Being Shows, there is evidence of determination and sheer hard work. What is surprising is so many people place their faith in our organisation. Be sure; I know every feeling to be experienced on the floor. I have been there and felt every emotion from ecstatic celebration to disappointment. And no matter what the hand of cards, Liz and I covered our costs every time but one! Because we prepared and worked relentlessly to promote our work. Not a bag went over the counter without our contact details. If there was a problem, we gave a full refund every time!

On Sunday Liz revealed the new venue is to be Newstead Abbey. It is a grade one listed building. Lord Byron lived there: it is magical. Because of these aspects, The Community will have to make compromises before, during and after the show. Access needs to be staged, no food or drink allowed in the building and some feel limited electric supplies could be an issue. My feeling is those who attend the show, are in for a majestic weekend. Community Members will thrive at this show: the uniqueness of the venue and the ‘extra’ effort involved will yield an abundant harvest. It is oversubscribed already, and Community Members attending are allocated stands on the usual first book first attend. There will be disappointments, but fairness must rule the day. However, the consensus is this will be a real carefully weaved Community Well Being Show.

Epic Centre : Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre. Lincolnshire Well Being Show

When Liz and I conceived the idea of being Community driven we expected the road to be extended. There is and never will be any illusion about the task ahead. Indeed this article spells out the reality to exhibitors: Community Members already understand the requirements. Searching for reasons for the tough times we look to visitors. Attending visitors are tired of repetition and poor attention to detail. Not only this they are disillusioned with shows with diminishing exhibitors.

By holding our stall prices, we indicate to Community Members integrity. The growing numbers of people interested in “The Inspirational Well Being Shows” evidence our methods have merit. The loyalty gained is fantastic. 

A reason our shows are making traction is that the majority of The Community is becoming aware of the importance of self-promotion. No one can doubt this organisation’s commitment to promotion. None can question our venue formula. Quality, parking and superb food are just the beginning of the equation. However, The Community still has a responsibility for the success of the show and the 

Look at the show lists. For example, Lincoln with three months to go before the show, there are seventy plus Community Members committed to the event. There are many booking forms to be returned. This show will be an enjoyable Visitor experience. We all accept high numbers of Community Members attract Visitors as do large and extensive talk schedules. And this show will enjoy two stage areas and a large children’s activity area. Every possible attraction to tempt Visitors through the doors will be explored.

Newstead Abbey One: LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Well Being Show. Wellbeing
Newstead Abbey – New Venue for 2019

We’ll update the dot com site next month: And this will become an excellent information source for Visitors. The Community can rest assured, nothing will prevent us from continuing with relentless promotion: Another 20000 flyers are ordered for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. And if we have to order and distribute another 20000, we will! 

If you wish to be seen before the shows use your media streams LizianEvents News – LizianEvents Facebook page and LizianEvents Group. We are becoming reviewed and acknowledged country and worldwide. The more often we fill these pools of information with INFORMATION the higher the number of returing Visitors.

Do you accept the adage?“Strength in Numbers” We are beginning to see the power of attraction when a show is full of inspiring, brilliant and experienced Community Members. And this is why more people are chosing to become Community Members. The more the Visitors have to see and enjoy the better the Visitor attendance, this is a fact.

The key to high Visitor attendance is high quality and first class venues with unlimited free parking. A large Community attendance. And extensive talk schedules. We are attaining all of these objectives.

Strength in Numbers? Is the key to the future of The Community’s Inspirational Well Being Shows. Be sure in your mind we do not consider the words “STOP” or “BREAK”. Just have a look-see at two days of Visits to LEN last week!

“The Community ~ Strength in Numbers”

See You Soon

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  1. A great piece. I like the saying “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. The number of visitors, how much they spend, and how long they stay, determines the success of a show. The amount of effort that Lizian put in to produce results in those three areas speaks for itself.

  2. Awesome piece, fire in the belly and a passion for bringing a thought an ideal and an ethos to life. I love being part of this environment. In regards to what I am trying to achieve within the framework I have had laid down for me and building on what Ian mentioned about foundations for success being laid years before, I quote Mike Tyson’s original guide and mentor Cus D’mato who said ““I’m not a creator. What I do is discover and uncover. See my job is to take the spark and fan it. When it starts to become a little flame I feed it, and I feed the fire until it becomes a roaring blaze, and then when it turns to a roaring blaze I pour used logs on it. Then you really got a fire going.” Meaning for me I take and feed on peoples enthusiasm take it show them that the passion the answers lie within so it keeps that fire roaring. Many thanks for the rallying call Ian much appreciated.

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