Psychobabble – Darren Stanton is never afraid of beginning and testing a new venture or idea. His latest offering is titled Psychobabble. And it may well appeal to a large audience. The reason is the audience is very much the whole point of the show.

First what is Psychobabble?

Don’t confuse the name of the show with another meaning which is the words and phrases used by psychologists. This title suggests the following interpretation:

You are surrounded with situation which produce Psychobabble all of your lives. On a basic level it’s the argument of three years ago or the collapse of a relationship which cannot be closed. Maybe it is the crazy driver seen every day on the way to work. You’ll know of a situation which has effected you in this way.

Some are lucky and can filter out situations which cause Psychobabble: other are not: and the difficulties and situations encountered end up as inner dialogue named Psychobabble. It is limiting and can restrict progress. Chitter chat self destructive dialogue  is something which can be dealt with: and the three presenters will help to dissolve the issues.

Who are the presenters?

Dr Arthur Cassidy:

A celebrity and social media psychologist dedicated to the wellbeing of mankind. He works tirelessly with teenage depressives on the brink of suicide. He lectures Worldwide and is a regular on British television. With an International reputation as one of the top experts in his field, Arthur is an ex academic and health psychologist, teaching, examining and lecturing in British Universities and also as a visiting professor in the Hong Kong Polytechnic. He is a highly respected  Chartered Psychologist and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

Liza Palmer:

Lisa is the countries foremost matchmaker. She works with celebrities and the super rich who desire to meet a life partner. Lisa uses all of her life long experience and understanding of human nature to bring people together. She has an amazing gift of being able to blend intuition and reality to introduce like-minded partners. Lisa is a brilliant asset to the Psychobabble show.

Darren Stanton:

Darren is every where! Television, radio and public speaking. He is in constant demand on the public speaking circuit with his unique blend of psychological knowledge. He is televisions number on choice as a celebrity psychologist and body language expert. He’ll bring a wealth of knowledge to the table on the Psychobabble Show.

Ok So What Is The Format?

Everyone has the facility to record a short video on their phone. Darren, Lisa and Arthur are asking you to record your pet dislikes, situations which drive you crazy or questions about emotional or psychological issues. Record a short video about the situation and how, why, when and where it happens. All you have to do is send the recording to the team for their opinions and: often answers to the difficulty.

The show is recorded and is aired on the Psychobabble YouTube channel. Darren believes this is the way of the future:

“Self production is a good way to test a new idea. With YouTube being accepted as a mainstream media source we feel in the early stages this is the way to air The Psychobabble Show”

So there you have It! An introduction to The Psychobabble Show which seems a great idea which should help many people. 

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