Knock Out Punch Bowl – Readers know Ian has reservations with the small shows or one-day events. And when Barrie approached me with the Pure Spirit idea, Ian’s immediate response was positive. Realising the Pure Spirit shows were to be a long term project, with the intention of expansion, Ian is 101% enthusiastic about the future of this new venture.

Pur Spirit
Talking ‘Pure Spirit’

There is no doubting the enormous potential of Pure Spirit shows: we saw this last weekend. Visitors loved the show and its format. The idea is for Visitors to arrive with a clear expectation. That of entering an environment of Pure Spirit: Spiritual readings, healing and spiritual focussed retail opportunity.

The Punch Bowl is a small venue and before opening the doors on Sunday materials and stock needed to be moved onto the first floor which is a little further than usual. Those attended rallied round, and we were ready to go on time.

Barrie’s faith in our promotional ability proved worthy. We enjoyed reasonable footfall, and all who attended were satisfied with the show. I have experienced many words of praise at the LizianShop this week, and everyone is looking forward to the next event.

Listen to Sonia’s thoughts about the show:


Why did the show succeed?

For an event to work the attitude of the exhibitors/community is paramount. Barrie and I were impressed with the way attendees took on board the reality of the venture. All accepted they were taking a chance with a new show. Barrie and I did not have any doubts about the exhibitors/Community’s ability to attract Visitors.

The idea of Pure Spirit is a winner. While the general trend is to attempt to change mbs shows with wellbeing etc. We choose to take the opposite path and focus on the grass root spiritual show. Of course, it will not be long before others attempt to follow suit. But there will be only one Pure Spirit brand as there is only one LizianEvents Well Being Show. Both have solid identities.

The combination of the idea and a great group of exhibitor/community had to cast a spell of success. Visitors have given Pure Spirit the thumbs-up, and there is every reason to look forward to a bright and prosperous future.

All credit must go to Barrie John for his idea and putting his faith in the LizianEvents Organisation. We will continue to promote Pure Spirit Shows for a greater Visitor awareness.

Barrie John:

iTunes Talks and Interviews:

We are over the moon with the response to this new asset. We are already seeing Visitors downloading the episodes. The direct link from the →iTunes platform back to LEN is working well. By working well, I mean people are using the facility. This interaction means when people access our iTunes platform, they can link to LizianEvents News from each article. The potential to connect to a broader audience is another further asset for our promotional work. We know the effort needed to connect people to our sites is a daily task. Social media and promotion experts teach promotion must be relentless: If we lose one day, the whole chain of posts is broken.

As you can see from the picture we already have popularity bars next to the downloads on the iTunes page!

iTunes Page: LizianEvents
iTunes Page: LizianEvents

FaceBook Group:

Watch the number of members in our →Facebook group, and you’ll discover the figure is around nine-hundred. We are delighted with this number as it is evident many people are active in the Group. If you have friends, who may be interested in the Group, invite them to join.

LizianEvents dot Com:

This site has been revamped over the last week: It is now 100% compliant and as fast as lightning. The simplistic design is not to be underestimated: it currently enjoys over five-hundred visits each week. Look →LizianEvents dot Com.


We have plenty of work ahead of us on the promotion front. I’ve just ordered another forty thousand assorted flyers for Barrie’s Pure Spirit and our Well Being Shows. If any reader requires a bundle of flyers or A4 posters, shout up, and we’ll get them out to you pronto. If you have a shop, retail outlet or you wish to hand out some marketing material, you will be helping the Community succeed.

Thanks for your time and effort in making The Well Being Show a nationally recognised institution. We’ll keep connecting the assets of LizianEvents Facebook streams, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes and of course, LEN. Watching the Google Analytics statistics reveal a steady climb in visits and dwell time, is a reward for all of your efforts.

Liz Clark: LizianEvents
Liz Clark

Thank you every one of you who shares, cares and promotes The Well Being Shows.

See You Soon

Liz Clark

MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. The MBS market will always be a spread of small, medium and large shows. Any organiser who majors in one category will always deem it wise to have interests in others, and rightly so.

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