The countdown begins to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and we will be listing attending Community Members on a daily basis. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience. See You There:

Central Wellness Yoga Studio – Lincoln’s Premier Yoga School

Grace Bowker will be providing Visitors with fantastic YOGA experience this weekend. She has a dedicated room for Yoga demonstrations. You can enjoy an introduction to this ancient and beautiful method of finding peace, calm and inner harmony. Here is an insight of Central Wellness taken from their website: “The journey to create Central Wellness has been a long process of a dream becoming a reality and to see Lincoln have its first dedicated space for yoga and mindful practices. – We have wanted to create a community of teachers, students and practitioners that feel like they belong somewhere and that Central Wellness was their home. We are very grateful to everybody who has supported this dream come true and continues to support us and see the centre grow.”.

Charlotte Jane Kessler Gallery  – Artist and Therapeutic, Restorative Wellness Mentor
Charlotte’s work is nothing short of brilliant. When we look at an artists work, it reveals their soul and spirit. No doubting Charlotte’s art fits perfectly within the ethos of The Well Being Shows; Here is an extract from Charlotte’s website: “The relationship between our outer and inner worlds perpetually inspires me. I paint nature’s hidden songs, heard through the poetry of archetype, myth and landscape. The grace, power and fragility of life longs for us to hear it. Listen quietly when you look at my pictures – hear what the bumblebee says to you about time!” Nothing more to be written.

Crystal Carols

A show is not a show without Crystal Carol Wallace. She has been involved in the crystal world for over two decades. Her knowledge of crystals and minerals is second to none. When visiting her stall, you will discover a superb range of crystals to purchase. However, Carol’s advise is also part of the sale! As Europe’s number one Melody Practitioner and trainer Carol can offer unique insights into the user’s of Mother Earth’s gifts.

Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
Don and Carol Harradine are great people to know and work with, their knowledge and wisdom of the martial arts are incredible. Visitors will learn about the ancient techniques of Tai Ji, and Qi Gong are incredible disciplines which work with one’s body, mind and spiritual awakening. These arts are established the World over as powerful ways to discover inner peace. People find significant changes to their outlook of life after only a few weeks of learning about these amazing arts. Growth in confidence, the vitality of health and a deep inner calm are only part of the benefits. Why not enjoy or take part the demonstrations on the stage area during this Well Being Show?

Darren Stanton – Television’s Best Loved psychologist

Darren has enjoyed a fantastic rise to success. He demonstrates hard work and dedication are crucial to success and prosperity. Darren is presenting talks about body language and lie section this weekend. His lectures are in demand with the UK and Europe’s biggest PLCs, medical and government institutions. He is a regular presenter on television and radio. An amazing man who can change the way you see life.

Don’t forget there will be sixty brilliant talks and presentations and two stage areas at the show. And this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area: Full details here ☞SHOW DETAILS

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