Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts – I have enjoyed a busy week restocking the LizianShop, designing the floor plan and finishing the talk schedule for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Work which is loved is never hard so as I write these words, and my feeling is:

“When We Love Our Work – Life is Easy”

How could I not love working with over a hundred exciting and unique Community Members? The feeling of camaraderie and friendship is something special: it is happening: it is real. In more significant numbers many Community Members realise the essence of the long term objectives. Members are asking more questions and offering positive suggestions: This interaction indicates they are becoming part of the organisation; no doubt, magic is happening. And the interaction is spreading: sharing and commenting on the media sites are at an all-time high. The organisation really feels alive and vibrant.

“Organising the show is not difficult if you are organised”

We enjoy producing promotional media. Today I will be in Lincoln promoting the Well Being Show and no doubt we will create a video for the media streams. Sometimes I’m asked if it is worthwhile producing so much advertising material? The answer has to be: “We do not produce enough!”. The intention is to step up the output; there is no possibility of slowing down any aspect of our work which increases Visitor awareness.

LEN’s extensive media archive now goes back for nearly three years. A combined number of video and audio interviews exceeds eighty productions. In time, this will become a recognised source of Well Being information: it is another connection between Community and Visitors and encourages new people to attend the shows.


We have invested in a great system to record talks given by Community Members during the shows. Taking advantage of the facility gains immense benefits. Once an introduction is added to the recorded seminars, they will be published onto iTunes and await millions of potential listeners Worldwide. Not only this, for a small fee we will produce CD’s of the recordings for Community Members to sell or use for promotion. 

Two Priorities:

We have two priorities: One The Community and second our Visitors. The focus of attention on the two priorities is razor sharp. People who choose to work with us know our exact parameters. The objective is to establish a clear and defined identity. Hours are spent working on the brand LizianEvents. 

Why do I write about the brand and the centred focus?

For some reason, four people (this week) have asked why LizianEvents do not connect to other organisers. The answer is simple: I have never worked for a successful business which shared or mutually promoted other companies. Name me an established brand which does so: the task is impossible. There is a tendency to believe working with other similar businesses will enhance the long term potentials. We do not see this as beneficial to our image we are LizianEvents we organise and promote events and shows: full stop.

Ian and I talk about our objectives and work toward the goals. Readers should understand the foundation of the business is a structured and defined long term business plan. This centre of focus means we must, at times, be uncompromising. We demonstrate to Community Members an honest and fair approach to business practice: and yes: there will be those who do not like the way we work. The priority is for the success of The Community and The Shows. This is why we talk and write about the business aspects of the organisation. And have no difficulty with revealing where their investments of money and time are used.

Our profits are re-invested into capital equipment and printed media:

For examples: printers: computers: software: sound, video and recording tools: We print tens of thousands of flyers and posters. Next year our expenditure will be more significant with further investment in video production. 

Every purchase is a stepping stone and indicates we are making headways. The future of The Well Being Shows is not a game; we know the challenges ahead. And the intention is to build a prosperous and robust organisation — one which will benefit all who work with us. Remember: When Community Members pay to attend an Inspirational Well Being Show, their investment is used throughout the year, not just on the event.

Tipping Point:

Earlier this week a Community Member spoke of Ian’s often used phrase: “Tipping Point”. It is the point where uphill and constant effort makes traction, and the see-saw becomes balanced, and the effort gains excellent results. I asked him if we were near the “Tipping Point”. His answer: “Nowhere near, we have to work with a relentless passion to achieve the goals. Another eighteen months of aggressive marketing will get us where we need to be: At that point, we move on to another: and bigger see-saw. We have to keep setting higher targets”.

Some of you will have a clear picture of what we are working towards, and you may think we remind you of the intention a little too often. However, the readership of LEN grows weekly, and it is inevitable there will be new Visitors reading this article and its information. Therefore the message is sometimes repeated.

In conclusion:

We work with those who invest their money and time in the future of The Inspirational Well Being Shows. We are dedicated to provide and investigate every avenue to gain greater Visitor awareness of The Community’s work. We accept there will be a few who dislike our forthright methodology. And many see the continuous stream of effort as confirmation of our dedication to their success. Those who are cynical about this statement should look to the ninety-plus Community Members who have already booked to attend the Lincolnshire Well Being Show this month (July 2019). All are enthusiastic about our methodology and most are continuous supporters of The Well Being Shows and Their Community. 

We work for an organisation supported by over one hundred Community Members: You are the people we share our work with and will continue to do so without wavering. Ian and I have a responsibility to provide the best possible service to those who place their trust in the organisation. There are no illusions LizianEvents are NOT the shows: 

The Community are the reason Visitors love The Inspirational Well Being Shows

See You Soon

Liz Clark

LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. As Lizian Community Members, we do appreciate your and Ian’ s razor sharp acumen, clear vision and phenomenal determination and dedication to helping us all succeed… and thus helping all our Visitors really benefit from their visits to our shows. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Liz & Ian!

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