With one hundred Community Members attending and a combined eighty talks, mini-workshops and stage presentations this is going to be a sparkling Visitor experience. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience – See You There 🙂 

Positive Spirit Massage

Miranda has any years of experience in various forms of massage. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Bowne Technique Indian Head and Lava Shells. Miranda’s clients range from footballers, cyclists and runners to those suffering from computer tension and those who desire assistance to relaxation and relief from aches and pains. With such a range of massage techniques available Miranda I can help you with any muscular problems over the weekend.

Psychic Lynette Hart – Crystal Ball, Tarot and Psychometry (Sunday only)
Lynette is an extremely popular Spiritual Counsellor. With many years of working in her field of expertise. You will enjoy a clear and insightful consultation with Lynette. Reviews of her work are five stars, positive and complimentary — this gifted lady’s readings are upbeat and insightful. Lynette is an asset to The Community.

Pure Alternatives – New Age Fair Trade products including clothing, incense and home accessories

Visitor are in for a real New Age experience at the Pure Alternatives Stall. You will discover an extensive range of products available during to weekend. We feel it is essential for all retailers to be fair trade as far as possible. Well Being Visitors are ‘in tune’ with the economic imbalance of World Trade. And any business which insists on selling daily traded goods is an asset to the Well Being Shows. When you buy from Pure Alternatives, you are helping people who are working to better their lives.

Rick Paul

Rick Paul is determined to give his clients the very best of readings. He strives for excellence and clarity. During the consultation, it is impossible to sense an atom of ego. Rick is 101% focussed on his client’s needs. Ask him what he does he’ll answer “I am a medium connected to spirit” Ask him how he works, and he’ll answer “I work with spirit to help my clients. It is important for me to set the highest of standards, standards my clients should expect.” It is no surprise Rick is enjoying the rewards of his hard work and building a significant following. And do not forget, if you need advice about waistcoats Rick is your man!

Sanctuary Reflexology

Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us this weekend. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature. This weekend he’ll be providing our Visitors with a sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events, especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed.

Sense the Senses – Organic and ethically sources incense, oils, candles, room fragrance

The home and one’s environment is enhanced by beautiful aromas. Never underestimate the potential of the ability for the sense of smell to affect the ability to find real peace and calm. There are many sources of information which propose different fragrances in each room can produce incredible changes in attitude and focus. Sense the Sense have a vast range of products combined with extensive knowledge. Enhance your world with beautiful fragrance.

Shine with Ali Clothing – Ladies Clothing Range and Accessories

Finding unique and comfortable clothing on the high street is a problem. Everyone wears a similar dress and styles. Of course, there is no problem with this way of life! However, there are times when we wish to express our uniqueness and what better way is there than the clothes we choose to wear?  Ali’s range of clothing is fantastic, bright and vibrant. Be different and stand out from the crowd “Shine With Ali”.

Shirley Ann

When I first met Shirley, she gave me a short consultation! Her insight was laser straight and to the point. Shirley said we would take the shows in a new and unique direction. She also predicted the shows would grow beyond our intentions. Allow me to be clear: at this time, there were no further plans about the Well Being Shows. The design was three venues and six shows. Shirley’s words were more accurate than my idea! I ask Visitors about their experiences, and when talking about Spiritual Counsellors, they are asked about their ‘readings’ and opinion of the counsellors. Here is one of the comments “Don’t you love Shirley! Her ‘readings’ are superb and very accurate”. Who am I to argue? Shirley accurately predicted my journey.

Don’t forget there will be eighty brilliant free talks and presentations. These will be presented in the first-floor talk rooms (lift available) and the two-stage areas. Remember this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area:

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☞Talks and Presentations

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