With one hundred Community Members attending and a combined eighty talks, mini-workshops and stage presentations this is going to be a sparkling Visitor experience. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience – See You There 🙂 

Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium

What can be written about Simon which has not already been recorded? He is known as the consummate Spiritual Medium. An amazing man, his courses and workshops are fully booked within days of the date being released. He has trained numerous professional mediums and helped people forge careers within the Spiritual circuit. He is busy as a platform medium no surprises his events are always fully booked. It is not by chance Simon has such an incredible following. He has an amiable nature and is dedicated to his clients. Talk to anyone who has enjoyed a reading with Simon, and you’ll hear beautiful testimonials.

Soul Sisters

Sharon and Amanda travel to The Far East to select the stock you’ll see on their Stall. Not only will you find a vast selection of unusual gifts: You will discover their prices are fair. It is a reflection on Sharon’s and Amanda’s business ethics. We are finding more people are beginning to follow their business practice. One of running an ethical business where the stock is sourced directly and sold at a fair price. Incidentally, during an interview with Amanda last year, she tells me that it is essential for her to pay a reasonable price to her suppliers. This fairness means she pays the cost relevant to selling price, which is often more than the price asked by the supplier! Now that is fair trade.  

Stephanie J King

We have known Stephanie for many years. She is a dedicated and fantastic lady. Her best selling books enjoy a Worldwide readership. This recognition is no surprise to anyone who follows Stephanie’s work. Her purpose is helping people find their meaning. She will help guide you from the restrictions of the past into the beauty of the future. Stephanie demonstrates that our lives can enjoy the grace and sublime peace. Stephanie’s work is unparalleled; there is nothing similar in the spiritual genre. We could interpret this as a sign of its beautiful intention.

Summer Rose Tarot

Jon Sharpe enjoyed a ‘Ribbon Reading” with Claire at last year’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Here is his comment: “I’m a reading addict; I enjoy two or three readings during the shows! I’d never had a ‘Ribbon Reading’ before, and boy was I impressed. Claire explained the way the ribbon reading works, and once the choice is made, her explanation is clear and more importantly – very accurate. I would recommend a ‘Ribbon Reading’ “

Claire’s dedication to the long term success of her clients cannot be questioned: Jon also comments: “Claire offered an interesting and insightful solution to a testing issue. One which was open to me, and at the time could not see. Yes, very good!”. The consultation will begin with a few moments of silent focus, and then the pleasure starts. Visitors will realise they are working with a gifted spiritual medium. Claire offers clear and precise guidance and messages.

Susan Jones Therapies

Interestingly Jon Sharpe has also enjoyed a reading with Susan. Here are his thoughts: “Having had many readings over the last fifteen years, I feel I possess a wide-ranging catalogue of experiences. I love the way Susan brings together the consultation. Some ‘readers’ run away with themselves; they seem to want to take control of their client. Susan has a kind and calm nature, I felt relaxed and at ease, and this makes for a comfortable reading. What is fascinating is Susan’s accuracy in interpreting the selection. She begins on one level of information: say practical aspects of my being, and continues until she has guided me to the strengths and weaknesses of my spiritual person. I loved the way Susan took such immense care to clarify her observations, without being prompted by me. I have to say: from my experience: there are a fantastic empathy and ‘connection’ between Susan and me. I’ve no doubt any who enjoy a reading with Susan will leave feeling pretty pleased with the session. Yes, I enjoyed the consultation and will have another reading.’ 


Tamra and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.

The Therapy Training Academy

Richard is the leading light of this respected and growing training academy. This weekend he’ll be talking about and giving demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He will, of course, be talking about the Group, its progress and purpose. The shows are about Well Being, health and peace. Richard hold the values of his work in his very being. Richard’s ethos is fantastic: this is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation dedicated to raising funds for the Marie Curie Organisation.

Don’t forget there will be eighty brilliant free talks and presentations. These will be presented in the first-floor talk rooms (lift available) and the two-stage areas. Remember this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area:

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