This is the full confirmed list from the Show Guide – There will be additions, however this is the list posted and printed on Friday 19th July:

Because with the attending Community AND the Talk – Presentation and Demonstrations there indeed 170 Reasons to visit this show

Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground
27 + 28 July

Attending Community Members

Aloe Vera  Store – Forever Living Products
Sue and Christina will be presenting the World Class range of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products. It is no surprise the brand is numbering in the World the quality and back-up are second to none. Forever Living offers brilliant opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for a second or full-time income. Talk to either Sue or Christina about the products and franchise this weekend.
A Jewel Shining Through
Julie Williamson has a heart of gold. And an inner strength which will be admired by all who meet her. She is on a mission of awareness, helping people to understand the many aspects of mental wellbeing. Julie makes beautiful items using crystals with a focus on healing and soothing our minds issues.
Alison Dean
Alison has been a Community Member for over a year. The first thing you’ll notice when approaching her stand is one hundred and one per cent presentation. And this is a reflection on her approach to her work. Alison takes time to connect to her clients. Because of this, she is renowned for the empathy of her consultations. When talking to Visitors who have enjoyed a reading with Alison, the feedback is always superb.
Angela Barker
We have known Angela for many years. She is a lovely lady with amazing talent. Angela first worked as a community Member at the Trowell Well Being Show and last year she attended the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. During the event, Angela read Tarot for many Visitors and was rewarded with five-star feedback. Angela’s readings are insightful, clear and accurate: no wonder she has such a loyal following.
Atmashant Kaur
Atmashant Kaur, is a KYTA certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, an International Yoga Teacher for Neurodiversity. In her work as a cutting edge, innovative Yoga teacher she integrates the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with evidence-based interventions in her transformational Yoga practice and immersion programs. She teaches at Kundalini Yoga at Central Wellness Yoga Studio in Lincoln, privately and internationally for Sensory Traveller Holidays.
Aura Fusion
If your desire is for an Aura photograph, talk to Angela and Nigel. They have tens of years of experience in aura photography. Aura Fusion is the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. They aim to allow everyone to see their aura. Angela and Nigel are dedicated to spreading knowledge of the significance of the aura: and its relevance in everyday life. Not only will you enjoy a superb aura experience, but you will also find a wealth of knowledge and understand as the meaning of the image is explained. Our recommendation is to have at least one aura image photograph each year. Building an ongoing record of changes to your aura allows you to reference your feelings at the time the image is taken.
Aura Soma
Robert and Debbie have demonstrated Aura-Soma products form many years. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of this World-class product are second to none. AuraSoma has an excellent reputation in the world of alternative therapies. The range of colour correspondence bottles and sprays is extensive and covers many aspects of spiritual and day to day issues. The process is simple: the client is asked to choose a container which contains two layers of colour. From the selection, the Aura Soma consultant analyses the choice. The consultant them advises on the vital colour essence to help the client.
Axholme Physiotherapy
Visitors to the show can meet Alex Dalton the owner of Axholm Physiotherapy.  Vocal Profiling Sound Therapy for Wellbeing and injury recovery Alex is a long time experienced physiotherapist: he has worked in the NHS and professional sports world. He will help you work through any of your muscular issues during the show. Visitors will discover Alex to be approachable with immense knowledge in his field of expertise.
Barrie John Medium
Barrie is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums. He is often on television and contributes to radio shows offering a spiritual opinion, paranormal activity and opinions related to his work. Barrie runs Psychic Investigations at The National Justice Museum in Nottingham. And is the number one medium for paranormal investigations in this country. Barrie has just returned from a short tour of Germany, and there is a European tour booked for this year. His reputation for giving clear and precise consultations is without question. It is not possible to have twenty plus years of experience giving reading and platform demonstrations without providing spectacular messages for clients. No wonder the demand for his gifts is continuous and country-wide. Visitors will discover he has time for everyone. Barrie is a credit to his profession and well-loved by all who work with him. To be generous and kind is the sign of spiritual awareness. Enjoy your reading with Barrie this weekend.
Blue Mandala
A new Community Member joins us with a superb range of holistic therapies. All Visitors enjoy the many aspects of wellbeing and we are certain Blue Mandala will become a wonderful asset to The Community.
Brigitte Rix
Brigitte is well known and loved by all Community Members. She is one of our stalwart supporters and daily sharer of LizianEvents News articles. The reason this is mentioned is that Brigitte’s daily actions reveal her true self! Brigitte’s life purpose is to help others live in peace to be happy. Her work is of the greatest value: she writes the most beautiful books on the difficult subject of life after death. The information is channelled by spiritual guides and offers sentiments of peace to all who suffer due to the loss of a loved one. Talking to Brigitte is a calming experience, do take time to meet with a wonderful and kind lady.
The Balanced Reflex
Laura is new to The Community. Although we have a phenomenal reference to her ability! This is she trained with Glenys Underwood. We know how rigorously Glenys teaches her students. No one can pay to qualify with Glenys. The course is long, and there are exams at every stage of the training. Not only this, students have to have many hours of ‘hands-on’ sessions with clients. There is no doubt in my mind Laura will gain a substantial following of new clients during the shows.
Campbell Wallace
A shining star! Everyone knows Campbell for his kindness, generosity. However, Campbell is on a mission to help people understand the importance of becoming an organ donor. Six years ago Campbell’s life was saved after a double lung transplant operation. Campbell will talk about his experience, and as a Donor Transplant Ambassador, he’ll explain why being on the National Donor Registry is of real importance. His book ‘Second Chance’ is also available during the show.
Central Wellness Yoga Studio – Lincoln’s Premier Yoga School
Grace Grace Bowker will be providing Visitors with fantastic YOGA experience this weekend. She has a dedicated room for Yoga demonstrations. You can enjoy an introduction to this ancient and beautiful method of finding peace, calm and inner harmony. Here is an insight of Central Wellness taken from their website: “The journey to create Central Wellness has been a long process of a dream becoming a reality and to see Lincoln have its first dedicated space for yoga and mindful practices. – We have wanted to create a community of teachers, students and practitioners that feel like they belong somewhere and that Central Wellness was their home. We are very grateful to everybody who has supported this dream come true and continues to support us and see the centre grow.”.
Charlotte Jane Kessler Gallery  – Artist and Therapeutic, Restorative Wellness Mentor
Charlotte’s work is nothing short of brilliant. When we look at an artists work, it reveals their soul and spirit. No doubting Charlotte’s art fits perfectly within the ethos of The Well Being Shows; Here is an extract from Charlotte’s website: “The relationship between our outer and inner worlds perpetually inspires me. I paint nature’s hidden songs, heard through the poetry of archetype, myth and landscape. The grace, power and fragility of life longs for us to hear it. Listen quietly when you look at my pictures – hear what the bumblebee says to you about time!” Nothing more to be written.
Craig Collinson
Author of ‘Improve Your Life’ and Inspirational Speaker. Craig’s book is inspirational and life changing. Beautifully written, clear and concise. Make sure you talk to Craig during your visit, there is no doubt you’ll find the conversation thought provoking and beneficial.
Crystal Carols
A show is not a show without Crystal Carol Wallace. She has been involved in the crystal world for over two decades. Her knowledge of crystals and minerals is second to none. When visiting her stall, you will discover a superb range of crystals to purchase. However, Carol’s advise is also part of the sale! As Europe’s number one Melody Practitioner and trainer Carol can offer unique insights into the user’s of Mother Earth’s gifts.
Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
Don and Carol Harradine are great people to know and work with, their knowledge and wisdom of the martial arts are incredible. Visitors will learn about the ancient techniques of Tai Ji, and Qi Gong are incredible disciplines which work with one’s body, mind and spiritual awakening. These arts have established the World over as powerful ways to discover inner peace. People find significant changes to their outlook of life after only a few weeks of learning about these amazing arts. Growth in confidence, the vitality of health and a deep inner calm are only part of the benefits. Why not enjoy or take part the demonstrations on the stage area during this Well Being Show?
Darren Stanton – Television’s Best Loved psychologist
Darren has enjoyed a fantastic rise to success. He demonstrates hard work and dedication are crucial to success and prosperity. Darren is presenting talks about body language and lie section this weekend. His lectures are in demand with the UK and Europe’s biggest PLCs, medical and government institutions. He is a regular presenter on television and radio. An amazing man who can change the way you see life..
doTerra is a super brand centred on the highest quality essential oils. The company doTerra extensively trains all its representatives in the use of essential oils. Customers can expect a superlative degree of service, information. doTerra products enjoy a loyal customer following due to care in the production of the oils and using the finest of supplies.
Earth Magic Crystals
Mark is a fantastic artist and a creative person. Creativity is a sign of awareness, the awareness of the environment and the subtle needs of our minds and soul. He makes and paints beautiful traditional drums. The tone and resonance are amazing, those of you who enjoy American, Celtic and Shaman traditions must talk to Mark about his drum. The quality of the drum is second to none, beautifully made and painted. Visitors will also see a selection of crystals carefully selected and keenly priced. Remember no two crystals are alike: and we are often attracted by colour shape and ‘that special connection’. Mark’s customers will discover his knowledge is helpful when selecting a new addition to their collection.
Earth Magic
We have known Rose for many years. At the shows I attended over the years, there is one certainty, Rose always has a long list of clients waiting for a reading. Her work is a balanced blend of a spiritual connection and what can only be described as fantastic empathy. Visitors considering a consultation must spend a few moments talking to Rose. No doubt there will be a connection which can give a rewarding and memorable reading. Rose is a degree qualified and professional counsellor. She has written numerous articles for LizianEvents News, All have received five-star feedback. One-article, on the subject of Tarot, has seen over fifteen hundred readers. It is a testament to her knowledge and understanding of spiritual wisdom.
Elemental Balance – Bio resonance and vibrational healing
Rachel is one of the hidden gems of The Well Being Show. Her system is the basis of a very interesting alternative therapy system. Safe and non-invasive a session will isolate areas where our body’s complex energy system is out of balance. Ian Timothy enjoyed a full session at a recent MBS show and his article published on LizianEvents News: He concluded Rachel’s work was an amazing experience and should not be missed.
Earth Tree Healing – Spiritual music composed and performed by Claudine West
Visitors to The Well Being Shows will enjoy listening to Claudine’s beautiful music. Claudine enjoys an immense following for her amazing music. She achieves tens of thousands of downloads for many of her beautiful tracks. The music varies from ‘new age’ to tranquil and mainstream. Not only will you listen to her work as background music to the show but also in four live performances.
Elisa Gray – Tarot, Runes and Celtic Ogham
The Runes have a special place in Nordic history. and Europeans are attracted to the mythology and actual use of the Runic system. Because of this Runes have enjoyed a consistent following and loyalty at spiritual events. The Celtic Ogham complements the Runes very well indeed and Visitors who wish to enjoy a superb interpretation of either system should consider a consultation with Elisa. She is a brilliant character, kind and approachable, you’ll enjoy a memorable experience with Elisa.
Elizabeth Stead Ltd
Elizabeth Stead creates individual, hand made, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women who understand their style. Each piece is designed and made with thought and care by Elizabeth herself in her Yorkshire studio. Inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the semi-precious gemstones themselves, her designs are finished with sterling silver. Elizabeth creates exquisite jewellery of the highest quality. Her hand made pieces are produced to an exacting standard. There is a subtle difference between the production line and bespoke jewellery making. When purchasing a bracelet or necklace, it is essential to look closely at the quality of the components. Remember, the items must be well balanced, and comfortable to wear. The stones must be uniform and smooth to the skin. The colours must blend, and make the item stands out, without being ‘over the top’. Not only this: the colour match must mean the jewellery can be worn on different occasions, with different clothes. These are the design requirements! Which must be balanced with the need for the item to last for tens of years of ownership. Elizabeth’s designs meet and exceed all of these criteria. Beautiful, superb quality, and prestigious items
Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication
All who know Emma will agree; her dedication to the welfare of all animals cannot be questioned. Not only does Emma enjoy a loyal following during the shows (her talks receive five-star feedback) Her workshops and courses are a sell-out success. Emma loves to share knowledge and wisdom: We believe she is an inspiration, an actual spiritual being who sets the highest of standards of humanity. She cares for our Planet and the most helpless animal inhabitants.
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing and Guidance
Emma’s spiritual gifts are well known to her friends. She has a ‘certain’ way of understanding one’s issues. Her clear thinking enhances her effectiveness when guiding clients to see the many avenues open to them. When we have problems, our subtle energy fields which surround our bodies can be adversely affected. Emma can isolate the damaged energy field and heal the damage. Energy Healing has phenomenal potentials, spend time with Emma and discover how this therapy can change your life.
Ethically Gifted
Kirstie Wood is one of the hardest working people I know. She is dedicated to finding the best quality ethical goods and products available. Kirstie searches the World for items which have an ethical signature But do not think she will compromise quality for the price. Her stock is often unique, well priced and of the most exceptional quality. Kirstie also runs a busy shop and internet business so you can be assured of customer service.
Embark -Handcrafted Soaps
Ebru and Mark present Visitors with a range of handcrafted soaps.
Feel Better Fast
John is a busy man! You’ll find him most weekends travelling to every corner of the country attending shows and events. He is an acknowledged expert in Past Life Regression and enjoys a phenomenal reputation as a spiritual healer. During the show, he’ll be giving spiritual consultations. And talking about his new ‘Past Life Regression Cards’. It is John’s intention to bring all aspects of Well Being too as many people as possible. Visitors cannot fail to enjoy a conversation with John. If you have an interest in Hypnotherapy, he runs this country’s leading online course. Students attain an internationally recognised accreditation with one of the oldest running training bodies. There is plenty to talk about at John’s stall this weekend.
Fenix Flames – hand made candles, herbs, oils, Pagan & Wiccan items
If you love the best quality handcrafted Pagan and Wiccan goods Angela Barker’s Fenix Flames will fulfil your every wish. Years of knowledge and exacting attention to detail are key reasons for the success and customer loyalty Angela’s Fenix Flames deservedly enjoys. Not only will you enjoy an interesting display of products you can learn about Pagan and Wiccan ideas from  Angela who is a fascinating and respected member of The Community.
Gary Longden
Gary is presenting an interesting workshop during the show. Improve your writing skills and discover how best to get published, or self publish. If you are new to writing or established there will be something to learn from this gifted, generous and intelligent author. Writing is a therapeutic and brilliant way to discovering the inner being and wellbeing.
Gentle Release Therapy
Helen’s therapy is already known to us, and we feel she is going to be a popular addition to The Community. Her work follows its name ethos and explanation of the therapy: A powerful yet gentle hands-on therapy. Which allows your body and mind to release tension and stress that you didn’t even know existed. You will enjoy a release of tension and stress to an extent never experienced before. So gentle is the effect you don’t need to know what you are releasing. Drawing on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Every treatment is unique to the client allowing the body to release whatever causes the tensions and stress.
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
Everyone and I mean every one of The Community loves Gill. Her kindness and giving evidence of her spiritual values and beliefs. I know she will not mind if I comment “Gill is a traditional healer of the old school” and all the better for this attribute. She would not thank me for writing how many years she has worked as a healer, but I know this, her long career proves her ability. Sit with Gill enjoy the sublime moment of healing happiness.
Henry’s Health Hub
James Coulson Cook is a fascinating man. His determination bought him back to health from a life-threatening disease. James presented a talk during the Lincoln Well Being Show which achieved sparkling feed-back. I cannot remember a conversation which received so many after-show requests. His knowledge of the parasites and toxins which damage our bodies is where the answer to health and repair begins. He is here to help you with your questions.
Infinity Nutrition
Paul will provide Visitors with information about nutrition and will provide samples of herbal tea. Paul’s products are a reflection of the ethos of the events. The word is wellbeing: We all know how important nutrition is to our health. And more people find the addition of herbal teas to their daily liquid intake makes a real difference to vitality and health. Of course, there are alternative teas which are proven to bring deep relation and calm. Why not try some of the samples Paul has on his stand? Peace calm and health in a drink? Without a doubt.
India Jo – Psychic and Mediumship readings with Angel Cards
If you love mediumistic readings, you’ll love India Jo. She has a heart of gold and sunshine smile. Is it any wonder Jo is one of the UK’s most popular television readers? Jo has worked in her profession for many years and receives hundreds of recommendations every year. Hundreds? Yes, hundreds, Jo’s reputation and quality of readings are without a doubt: and her immense following of loyal clients is a testament to the quality of her work. We doubt if you could find anyone who could fault Jo and her amazing gift.
Paula will introduce Visitors to a superb health product. The Isagenix range has a Worldwide reputation for quality and effectiveness. If you have a need to lose weight and keep it off, talk to Paula and her team. They will provide evidence of the effectiveness of the Isagenix. The increasing number of agents must be seen as rock-solid evidence of Isagenix’s effectiveness. Talk to the team during the show and sample there revitalising orange drink: It is brilliant!
Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller
Everyone loves Iza! I had to think carefully about leaving this introduction on the page. So I asked some of our friends for their opinion. There is no one who did not begin with ‘She’s lovely, or I love Iza’ Meet her, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Iza is a wonderful and unique person: an individual who holds kindness within her Being. While talking to Iza, you sense her soul, a spiritual lady who lives her beliefs. This is not only my opinion; these are the sentiments of my friends: During Iza’s performances, the audience enjoys lessons of truth, honesty and love. Most will leave with a life long memory of the experience: We love Iza’a work, and her songs are chosen as background music for the show. Visitors can purchase Iza’s CDs from her stall. Incidentally, the recording is brilliant ‘before sleep’ meditations.
Jade Shaw – Astral Coach
Jade’s work is unique. She has immense knowledge which will help many people discover the spiritual self. Those of you on a spiritual journey will benefit from a consultation with Jade. You will find her wisdom brings clarity and understanding to many aspects of Astral work  Jade’s presentations are brilliant and interesting. Visitors are encouraged to talk with Jade this weekend, an opportunity not to be missed. Here is a quote from her website “I invite you to lift the veil of perception, go beyond the body and embrace your multidimensional self for the purpose of…” Talk to Jade and find out more.
Jill Fraser Ear Candles
Eliza has been a friend for tens of years. She is an established teacher of various holistic and alternative therapies. In this short introduction, we focus on Eliza’s Jill Fraser range of ear candling therapies and products. Visitors return to Eliza time and again for an ear cleansing. One reason is the candles are the finest available. Another is Eliza’s expertise and years of experience. She became the owner of The Jill Fraser Ear Candles ten years ago. It is a testament to her success that she continues to teach Holistic and Alternative therapists in their use today.
Jane Osbourne
Jane is a fascinating lady who enjoys a growing following of people.  During a conversation with Jane, her many years of spiritual wisdom shines through. Her expertise covers mediumistic and psychic gifts, past life regression and healing. She is a superb writer, her books are fascinating, well researched, and easily understood. It is of no surprise to listen to the praise and read five-star reviews of her written word.
Joro Earth – Organic hand made Health and Beauty products
Joro Earth’s ethos can be discovered from a quote found on their website “Our most important philosophy is to use earth’s natural ingredients to produce our products. Mother earth has provided us with the most wonderful raw elements”. Joro Earth is sure to find new friends and customers at The Well Being Shows.
JS Natural Therapies
Jacqueline is an experienced and highly trained healer and therapist. Her work not only involves therapy Jacqueline enjoys teaching and training. During this weekend Visitors can experience Reflexology and Reiki, and if you want to know about The Balance Procedure, Jacqueline will have the answers to your questions.
Leo Moon Astrology – Astrology, Birth chart and Forecast readings
The ancient art of Astrology is enjoyed by many people. An Astrological chart is drawn from the position of the planets at the time of birth. Jackie will interpret the chart by looking for the planetary influences at that very moment. There is no doubt you will find the very accurate correspondence to the actual path of life. Once this is established the chart can guide you to see the hurdles ahead in time, something which can be used to advantage. Jackie is a highly respected Astrologer with a large and loyal following. If you have not enjoyed having an Astrological chart made and interpreted now is the opportunity.
Life By Danielle Louise
Danielle Hall-Smith is a women’s health and wellbeing coach, who works to raise awareness of pelvic floor health.  Danielle is the only qualified hypopressives trainer in the County. During the weekend our female visitors have the opportunity of attending one of two mini-workshops which Danielle is running for women to help with pelvic floor health and lower back pain.
Life Loves You & Usana-Cellular Nutrition – Michele Dunster
Michele has 20 years experience helping people transform their health, minds and lives naturally.
Here are symptoms we put up with low Energy, Tired all the Time, Aches and Pains, IBS, Hay Fever, Stressed, Weight Issues,  Hormones-Menopause, Anxiety, No Sleep, Poor Memory, Skin Problems.
Mark Aston Spiritual Medium- Spiritual Tarot and Psychometry reading
Mark is a highly respected spiritual counsellor. Although new to The Well Being Shows, we feel sure he’ll make a valuable contribution. Mark has a reputation for clarity and excellent messages. He is immensely proud of his ability and works tirelessly to bring peace to clients. You will find Mark an approachable and kind man. His caring approach is a breath of fresh air: He is highly recommended by all his clients.
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium
Heather, is a spiritual medium: Her words describe her work: “Although I am never sure how best to describe what I do. I use intuitive and psychic skills to give a holistic reading: Not only looking at what the future may hold but looking at a person’s characteristics and personality. These are then used to determine strengths and areas that may need a little extra care and attention. I aim to use guidance on how to develop these areas and restore calm and balance should it be necessary while giving clarity and comfort”.
Magnetix Wellness Jewellery – Samantha McHugh introduces a selection of magnetic jewellery and wellness products for you and your home.
What can we say about Mel and Pat? They stock the most extensive array of silver jewellery imaginable. The quality of silver settings of the gemstones and crystals cannot be questioned. Everything from a five-pound token to hundred-pound statement piece. Mel and Pat will advise on the right stone or crystal for your needs. We are always grateful Mel and Pat travel so far to the smallest of our shows to benefit the Visitors. Try and catch them without a smile on their faces!
Melanie Wellard – Crystal Light Therapy
Melanie’s Crystal Light Therapy is a superb alternative therapy. Blending light and crystals is an idea which will appeal to all who enjoy holistic healing. Melanie will explain the principals of the technique before each treatment. Visitors will find the therapy is perfect for all working with mind, body and soul.
Meology Therapies – Wire Wrapped crystal jewellery – each piece unique
Those of you who love crystals will love Meology Therapies wire wrapped silver. Whenever an article is made with integrity and the highest intent: it will represent not only beauty, the piece will also have a meaning and purpose. Reasonably priced and beautifully made items for a lifetime’s pleasure.
Michelle Whyatt Spiritual Medium – Tarot and Oracle Cards
Michelle comes to the shows with an excellent reputation for clarity and accuracy in her Spiritual consultations. With years of experience, Visitors will enjoy a super and enjoyable reading.
Mobile Reflexology – Holistic Treatments including Emmett Technique and Reflexology
We have known Miike Maguire for many years, and this is the first time he’ll be working with our Visitors. Mike is an amazing man and no doubt he’ll find many new friends at The Well Being Shows. No one can work as many years as Mike without being a brilliant therapist. His specialisation is the Emmett Technique, which is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. If you desire a gentle and fantastic treatment, talk to Mike. Highly recommended.
Moonlit Pathways Books
Annie always brings a varied and up to date range of books to The Well Being Shows. Annie has complete knowledge of her stock carrying the latest and most popular titles for her customers. Not only does Annie stock book titles, But Visitors will also discover a super collection of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. And finally! There is always a shelf where incredible bargains can be purchased.
Mystic Christine – Tarot card specialist readings
Christine has years of spiritual understanding for Visitor to experience. A lovely kind and approachable person, Christine insists on spending time with her clients, so as the reading can be in-depth and precise.
Naturally Smart Skincare – Premium Quality Vegan Society registered natural Skincare Products
Judith and Norman’s range of skincare products has an immense following of loyal customers. Judith and Norman’s business is many years established: all ingredients are ethically sourced, and of course, the skincare products meet the highest standards of accreditation. Judith and Norman’s approach to their work is the reason for their success ethos, quality and knowledge are within every product.
Neals Yard Organic Remedies
We love and use Neals Yard Products. This ethical and well-established company now has a vast range of the highest quality skincare. Every Neals Yard Consultant is trained to the highest standard. Their knowledge of the benefits of using these established and top quality products is one of the reasons for this popularity. Sally will advise on the use of the products this weekend. If you love your skin, you’ll love Neals Yard Products.
New Horizons
If you have ever thought your home or workplace ‘does not feel right’. The problem could be the building or surrounding area is subject to ‘Geopathic Stress’. Eliza will answer any questions you may have about the damage Geopathic Stress can have on your living and personal-environment. New Horizons has developed a unique kit which can be used with safety to isolate and deal with Geopathic Stress. It has received great reviews. Indeed, we tested the package at our business premises and found it to change the ‘vibes’ of the surrounding environment. Problems with your home or environment? Spend some time with New Horizons.
North Star Crystals
Erick is well known as the organiser of The Mansfield Show. He is a great man, intelligent, wise and knowledgeable. This weekend he’ll be wearing his crystal and orgone hat. And my goodness you’ll be in for a treat. Erick’s crystal stock is always keenly priced and varied. His orgone selection has to be the best in the UK. Erick is presenting a talk this weekend, and if you wish to learn about orgone and Wilhelm Reich, there is no better place to begin.
Nottingham Reiki – Reiki treatments, Crystal Healing and Ear Candling
Stuart has been a friend and Community Member of the Well Being Shows right from the first show in 2014. He is the senior teacher at Nottingham Reiki: a group which has an excellent reputation for training and qualification. All students who train with Stuart will hold a highly respected qualification certificate. Stuart returns to the shows after a break of two years. After the loss of his wife, the wonderful Marie he took time out to collect his thoughts and reassess the future. No doubt in our minds and the feelings of all who know Stuart and knew Marie: Their return to the show will be welcome and successful.
Mel makes, produces and imports the unique, essential oil products. He carries a vast range of oils to every event he attends. Visitors are guided to review Mel’s stall for products which will enhance their living environment. The potential of aroma and fragrance has been known for centuries. Mel’s products take ways to use essential oils to another level. And by the way, if you drive a car – Buy one of his car fragrance containers, the simplest and best you can own!
A visit to Steven and Trudy’s stand will enlighten Visitors. And for some, their lives could be transformed. Steven conceived the idea of OldPain2Go some years ago. He worked with dedication to perfect an already great therapy. The name describes its intention, and there are many thousands of people who benefit from Steven’s excellent work. So effective is the treatment that there are hundreds of fully certificated therapists in countries all over the World. If long term pain is your issue: Talk to Steven and Trudy.
One NK Leisure Centre – North Hykeham for Wellbeing classes
One NK Leisure Centre is a popular starting point for health and wellbeing. The centre enjoys a vast range of facilities: A sports complex with a pool, studio and indoor sports hall, plus football and tennis facilities. Management prides themselves with employing highly trained staff and coaches. One NK representatives are here to help spread the word about their commitment to wellness and wellbeing. It is fantastic to see an established Leisure Centre seeing the brilliant potential in teaching Wellbeing classes. We are proud to have such an innovative business outlook at The Well Being Shows.
Oraphim Miracle Molecule Shungite – Shungite & Shungite Jewellery for you and your home
Over the last few years, the properties of Shungite has excited the interest of tens of thousands of people worldwide. This is not a wild statement; a quick web search will demonstrate the accuracy of the claim. Oraphim has built a successful business specialising in this natural substance. Do not miss the opportunity to talk to Oraphim about the fantastic benefits of using and wearing Shungite.
P&G Underwood Ltd
I have known Philip and Glenys for fifteen years. My respect and admiration for their work have no boundaries. The word ‘Professional’ is accurate; however, from my experience working with Philip and Glenys, they stand amongst the best as teachers and mentors. It is no coincidence people travel hundreds of miles to train as Holistic and NLP Practitioners. You will understand this when meeting with them for the first time. We also think the magic is, in fact, not only do they teach, but they also have successful holistic and counselling practices. Make time to talk to Philip and Glenys if you are considering training in holistic and alternative therapies. And remember to speak to them about the treatments they have practised for over a decade.
Pam Shield
Pam is an exceptionally talented Spiritual Counsellor. During the shows, we receive fantastic feedback from her clients. Their tributes centre on Pam’s consistent mediumistic ability, accuracy and good approach. Pam is one of the most empathetic Spiritual Counsellors you could meet. It is always recommended to talk to all Spiritual Counsellors before a reading. And this is something Pam enjoys before a consultation. Being able to connect to your Spiritual Counsellor is an essential factor to consider. Remember, you are trusting them to provide crucial messages and guidance. You will find Pam more than capable of delivering both requirements.
Positive Spirit Massage
Miranda has any years of experience in various forms of massage. Swedish, Deep Tissue, Bowen Technique Indian Head and Lava Shells. Miranda’s clients range from footballers, cyclists and runners to those suffering from computer tension and those who desire assistance to relaxation and relief from aches and pains. With such a range of massage techniques available Miranda can help you with any muscular problems over the weekend.
Psychic Lynette Hart – Crystal Ball, Tarot and Psychometry (Sunday only)
Lynette is an extremely popular Spiritual Counsellor. With many years of working in her field of expertise. You will enjoy a clear and insightful consultation with Lynette. Reviews of her work are five stars, positive and complimentary — this gifted lady’s readings are upbeat and insightful. Lynette is an asset to The Community.
Pure Alternatives – New Age Fair Trade products including clothing, incense and home accessories
Visitor are in for a real New Age experience at the Pure Alternatives Stall. You will discover an extensive range of products available during to weekend. We feel it is essential for all retailers to be fair trade as far as possible. Well Being Visitors are ‘in tune’ with the economic imbalance of World Trade. And any business which insists on selling daily traded goods is an asset to the Well Being Shows. When you buy from Pure Alternatives, you are helping people who are working to better their lives.
Rick Paul
Rick Paul is determined to give his clients the very best of readings. He strives for excellence and clarity. During the consultation, it is impossible to sense an atom of ego. Rick is 101% focussed on his client’s needs. Ask him what he does he’ll answer “I am a medium connected to spirit” Ask him how he works, and he’ll answer “I work with spirit to help my clients. It is important for me to set the highest of standards, standards my clients should expect.”It is no surprise Rick is enjoying the rewards of his hard work and building a significant following. And do not forget, if you need advice about waistcoats Rick is your man!
Sanctuary Reflexology
Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us this weekend. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature and he’ll be providing our Visitors with a sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events, especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed.
Sense the Senses – Organic and ethically sources incense, oils, candles, room fragrance
The home and one’s environment is enhanced by beautiful aromas. Never underestimate the potential of the ability for the sense of smell to affect the ability to find real peace and calm. There are many sources of information which propose different fragrances in each room can produce incredible changes in attitude and focus. Sense the Sense have a vast range of products combined with extensive knowledge. Enhance your world with beautiful fragrance.
Shine with Ali Clothing – Ladies Clothing Range and Accessories
Finding unique and comfortable clothing on the high street is a problem. Everyone wears a similar dress and styles. Of course, there is no problem with this way of life! However, there are times when we wish to express our uniqueness and what better way is there than the clothes we choose to wear?  Ali’s range of clothing is fantastic, bright and vibrant. Be different and stand out from the crowd “Shine With Ali”.
Shirley Ann
When I first met Shirley, she gave me a short consultation! Her insight was laser straight and to the point. Shirley said we would take the shows in a new and unique direction. She also predicted the shows would grow beyond our intentions. Allow me to be clear: at this time, there were no further plans about the Well Being Shows. The design was three venues and six shows. Shirley’s words were more accurate than my idea! I ask Visitors about their experiences, and when talking about Spiritual Counsellors, they are asked about their ‘readings’ and opinion of the counsellors. Here is one of the comments “Don’t you love Shirley! Her ‘readings’ are superb and very accurate”. Who am I to argue? Shirley accurately predicted my journey.
Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium
What can be written about Simon which has not already been recorded? He is known as the consummate Spiritual Medium. An amazing man, his courses and workshops are fully booked within days of the date being released. He has trained numerous professional mediums and helped people forge careers within the Spiritual circuit. He is busy as a platform medium no surprises his events are always fully booked. It is not by chance Simon has such an incredible following. He has an amiable nature and is dedicated to his clients. Talk to anyone who has enjoyed a reading with Simon, and you’ll hear beautiful testimonials.
SolRox – Handcrafted in the UK from the finest crystalline sea salt
SolRox brings all the benefits of the ocean into your home, helping to remove airborne pathogens and pollutants, and assisting in the treatment of respiratory issues.  Talk to Dathan Berry and find out how SolRox can work for you.
Soul Sisters
Sharon and Amanda travel to The Far East to select the stock you’ll see on their Stall. Not only will you find a vast selection of unusual gifts: You will discover their prices are fair. It is a reflection on Sharon’s and Amanda’s business ethics. We are finding more people are beginning to follow their business practice. One of running an ethical business where the stock is sourced directly and sold at a fair price. Incidentally, during an interview with Amanda last year, she tells me that it is essential for her to pay a reasonable price to her suppliers. This fairness means she pays the cost relevant to selling price, which is often more than the price asked by the supplier! Now that is fair trade.
Stephanie J King
We have known Stephanie for many years. She is a dedicated and fantastic lady. Her best selling books enjoy a Worldwide readership. This recognition is no surprise to anyone who follows Stephanie’s work. Her purpose is helping people find their meaning. She will help guide you from the restrictions of the past into the beauty of the future. Stephanie demonstrates that our lives can enjoy the grace and sublime peace. Stephanie’s work is unparalleled; there is nothing similar in the spiritual genre. We could interpret this as a sign of its beautiful intention.
Summer Rose Tarot
Jon Sharpe enjoyed a ‘Ribbon Reading” with Claire at last year’s Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Here is his comment: “I’m a reading addict; I enjoy two or three readings during the shows! I’d never had a ‘Ribbon Reading’ before, and boy was I impressed. Claire explained the way the ribbon reading works, and once the choice is made, her explanation is clear and more importantly – very accurate. I would recommend a ‘Ribbon Reading’ “Claire’s dedication to the long term success of her clients cannot be questioned: Jon also comments: “Claire offered an interesting and insightful solution to a testing issue. One which was open to me, and at the time could not see. Yes, very good!”. The consultation will begin with a few moments of silent focus, and then the pleasure starts. Visitors will realise they are working with a gifted spiritual medium. Claire offers clear and precise guidance and messages.
Susan Jones Therapies
Interestingly Jon Sharpe has also enjoyed a reading with Susan. Here are his thoughts: “Having had many readings over the last fifteen years, I feel I possess a wide-ranging catalogue of experiences. I love the way Susan brings together the consultation. Some ‘readers’ run away with themselves; they seem to want to take control of their client. Susan has a kind and calm nature, I felt relaxed and at ease, and this makes for a comfortable reading. What is fascinating is Susan’s accuracy in interpreting the selection. She begins on one level of information: say practical aspects of my being, and continues until she has guided me to the strengths and weaknesses of my spiritual person. I loved the way Susan took such immense care to clarify her observations, without being prompted by me. I have to say: from my experience: there are a fantastic empathy and ‘connection’ between Susan and me. I’ve no doubt any who enjoy a reading with Susan will leave feeling pretty pleased with the session. Yes, I enjoyed the consultation and will have another reading.’
Tamra and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.
The Therapy Training Academy
Richard is the leading light of this respected and growing training academy. This weekend he’ll be talking about and giving demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He will, of course, be talking about the Group, its progress and purpose. The shows are about Well Being, health and peace. Richard hold the values of his work in his very being. Richard’s ethos is fantastic: this is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation dedicated to raising funds for the Marie Curie Organisation.
The Pyramid Lady – Pyramid Therapy and retailing Copper Pyramids
Jon Sharp enjoyed a session of Pyramid Therapy at the last Lincolnshire Well Being Show. His comment “I loved it, Fantastic!’ Norma is a fascinating lady, and the therapy is engaging. Indeed If you love alternative treatment, you’ll enjoy the Pyramid treatment. Norma also retails an extensive range of Copper Pyramids, and she will be pleased to talk about their properties and uses.
Tropic with Vic – Award-winning natural vegan cruelty-free beauty products
Vic Heyworth attends most of The Well Being Shows. And goodness do we receive fantastic feedback from people who visit Vic’s stand. Vic takes great pride in presenting a vast range of Tropic products. There is a Tropic skincare product for every occasion and every member of the family. Vic will introduce you to Tropic products and their uses, and she’ll also, reveal the company ethos, which is behind this growing business.
The Witch’s Heart
Eleanor says: “This business is a heart and soul project for me. I wanted to find handmade pieces and tools for ‘the craft’ at affordable prices. I couldn’t do so: so, I began to make my own” and her words provide an insight into the quality and purpose of the product available. Anyone who has an interest in ‘the craft’ will find something of interest here. Eleanor is approachable, kind and engaging, be sure to meet with her over the weekend.
Upbeat Lincoln – Bespoke training for working with people with personality disorder
Upbeat is one of Lincoln’s most prestigious organisations. We are more than proud Robert is here to talk about their work. Upbeat is a social group for people who experience personality-related problems. And the expertise and kindness offered by the organisation help those in difficulty beyond measure. Most of us live a life which is relatively free from personality problems. Even so, it is a demonstration of ‘being human’ to take an interest in; and understand those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Liz Clark asks you to take a few minutes talking to Robert during the show: he is an extraordinary man indeed.
Woodland Trust
We have been supporters of The Woodland Trust for many years. The connection between health, happiness and wellbeing and nature is indisputable. By joining the Woodland Trust, you make a real and long-lasting contribution to this country’s natural heritage. It is essential to understand the impact woodland and forests have on the wildlife population. Most of our wild animals depend on the woodland infrastructure; without it, we will lose the UK’s most valuable asset. We must learn to understand the woodland and forests ecological system and The Woodland Trust is here to accomplish this worthy mission.

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